The U.S. post office lost $3.5 million because of the brand

Почтамт США влетел на $3,5 млн из-за марки

The judge ordered the U.S. post office to pay the sculptor Robert Davidson’s $3.5 million in compensation after the Agency accidentally published an image of its execution of the statue of liberty that stands outside the hotel in Las Vegas.

Davidson sued the government for copyright infringement in 2013 for using his work without permission.

According to court documents, the artist claimed that his 1996 version is more modern and much more feminine than the iconic original. An error has occurred after the postal service looked for another image of the statue, instead of that which has already been posted on more than 20 different brands, says Abc7.

Officials stopped the painting, which depicted only the face of Lady liberty and bought the photo from Getty Images, not realizing that their chosen photograph does not belong to the statue in new York.

Court documents showed that USPS had noticed his mistake three months after it was printed the first stamps. The postal service has decided to continue selling brands anyway, since they have become quite popular because they print already spent $8 million.


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