The UK will issue special visas for the IT startups

Start-Up Visa, the founders of start-UPS in high technology will be able to get starting in the spring of next year. This was informed in the office of the Prime Minister of the country.

Великобритания начнет выдавать специальные визы IT-стартаперам

13 Jun Prime Minister of the UK Theresa may plans to hold a “round table” with more than 150 heads of technological companies and start-UPS to explain the realities of doing business in the country, including the aftermath of the withdrawal from the EU. Also, the Prime Minister will talk about Start-Up Visa: UK will issue special visas for the IT startups. In the spring of next year they will replace visas for graduates. Start-Up Visa, but the founders of technical startups will be able to get young and talented entrepreneurs.

So the UK is planning to attract IT specialists from all over the world, possibility of obtaining documents will also apply to those who will support IT-startups. To obtain a visa specialists will be able after confirmation from the University or from an investor.


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