February 6, 2023

The United States continues to consider Maduro “illegitimate” even after the dissolution of the interim government

State Department spokesman Ned Price said Americans recognize the 2015 National Assembly

Yuri Cortez/AFPThe United States does not recognize Maduro as President of Venezuela because it considers his re-election in 2018 fraudulent

The US State Department said on Tuesday, the 3rd, that it is still looking into it Nicolas Maduro illegitimate, even after the dissolution of the Provisional Government. “Our approach to Nicolás Maduro has not changed. He is not the legitimate leader of Venezuela. We recognize the 2015 National Assembly,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters. Washington, however, continued negotiations with Maduro’s government for a prisoner exchange and sent delegates to Caracas amid the oil crisis stemming from Sanctions imposed on Russia for invading Ukraine we Maduro is not recognized as president Venezuela To consider his re-election in 2018 fraudulent. Since then, Washington has supported the opposition leader Juan Guaido, who proclaimed himself “responsible president” on January 5, 2019. Since then, Guaido has controlled Venezuelan assets withheld abroad, but has never been able to take power, despite broad international support, which has been weakening, and sanctions against Venezuela as a pressure mechanism. Against the socialist government, which estimates that about $24 billion of the Venezuelan state is withheld abroad. “Members of the National Assembly are discussing how they will oversee these offshore assets and we will continue to have discussions with them on that front,” Price said.

The United States will continue to “work with the international community to help address the Venezuelan crisis and move toward free and fair elections in Venezuela, in accordance with the wishes of the Venezuelan people,” who “need a clear timeline” for holding the elections. Bryce finished. Apparently, the government of Democrat Joe Biden ignores the recent statements of Maduro, who confirmed in an interview that Venezuela is “completely ready to give way to the process of normalizing diplomatic, consular and political relations” with the United States. “We will continue to implement our sanctions program against the Maduro regime,” Price added, which will continue to be evaluated based on what Caracas has to offer “in terms of enhancing the possibility for the Venezuelan people to realize their democratic aspirations.” In this regard, the Foreign Ministry spokesman described as positive the resumption of negotiations in Mexico between the Maduro government and the opposition.

* With information from AFP