August 9, 2022
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The United States creates the office and representative responsible for digital security – International

Amid warnings of an increase in hacker attacks, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkon announced on Monday that he would create an office and a representative responsible for cyber policy.

In a note to officials, Blinken said the assessment underscores the need for structural change in “how the State Department must adapt to the challenges of the 21st century.” He also announced plans to create a cyberspace and digital policy office, subject to congressional approval, as the new special envoy for critical and emerging technology.

“This organization will give us more leadership and responsibility to advance the diplomatic agenda within companies and abroad,” Blinken wrote, noting that additional information will be provided next Wednesday. Foreign Ministry spokesman Netflix said the delegation would focus on three key areas: “international cyber security, international digital policy and digital freedom.”

The digital impulse has come amid growing concerns about the need for the US to be prepared for the protracted conflict and disruption on the cyber front.