June 1, 2023
The United States denies 'active talk' about buying Venezuelan oil

The United States denies ‘active talk’ about buying Venezuelan oil

White House denial, this Monday (14), The To us Are considering importing Venezuelan oilAnd rejected the speculation that Washington might seek help from Caracas to alleviate the supply shortfall.

Government Joe Biden Russia, a major hydrocarbon producer, is looking for ways to ease the pressure on oil prices by unleashing war on the Govt-19 epidemic and Ukraine.

But the White House refused to buy the oil Venezuela Is an option currently under discussion.

“This is not an active conversation right now,” spokeswoman Jen Zhaki told a news conference.

The United States and Venezuela severed diplomatic ties three years ago after President Nicolas Maduro, who has been in power since 2013, took office for the second time after a dubious election process.

Washington then imposed several sanctions Departure of MaduroIncluding a practical ban on Venezuelan oil in effect from April 2019.

Speculation about the resumption of US-Venezuelan relations has increased since the release on March 8 of two Americans detained in Venezuela, Gustavo Gardinas and Jorge Alberto Fernandez.

Cardenas is one of the so-called “SIDCO 6”, a group of six former executives of a US subsidiary of a state-owned oil company. Venezuela PDVSA He was arrested in Venezuela in 2017 on corruption charges. Fernandez is a Cuban-American who was arrested in early 2021 in the state of Tachira (on the border with Colombia) and charged with “terrorism”.

The two were released after senior U.S. officials left for Caracas on March 5, including Biden’s aide National Security Council of the United StatesJuan Gonzalez, US Ambassador to Venezuela (based in Bogot), Jimmy Story and the President’s Special Envoy for Hostage Roger Carstens.

Psaki confirmed news reports of a meeting with the Maduro government last week and pointed out that the energy issue was on the table.

“The purpose of the visit by government officials was to discuss a variety of issues, including energy security, but also to discuss the health and well-being of detained U.S. citizens,” Psaki told reporters.

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