July 4, 2022
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The United States has punished the network linked to the IR drone program – internationally

The United States on Friday imposed new financial sanctions on a network linked to Iran’s drone program, intensifying pressure on the country before resuming negotiations to secure a nuclear deal.

The U.S. Treasury has promised in a statement that it will “continue to demand that Iran take responsibility for its reckless and violent actions,” while Washington accuses Tehr of using its drones as fuel for various conflicts in the Middle East.

The two organizations that support the Revolutionary Guard drone program, the Ideological Army of the Islamic Republic, are at a crossroads.

General Saeed Aghazani, who oversees the administration of the Guardian drones, and another former US neglected person, like General Abdullah Mehrabi, another senior official in the Iranian elite army, have been hit by the new sanctions. Assets they hold in the United States will be frozen and access to the U.S. financial system will be blocked.

The Coates force in charge of the international operations of the revolutionary guards “used deadly drones and encouraged their proliferation” among Iranian-backed groups such as Hezbollah, Lebanon, Palestinian Hamas and Houthi rebels in Yemen. “Drones have been used in attacks against international ships and US forces,” he added, referring to events that have caused great tension in recent years.

A foreign ministry spokesman criticized the new sanctions, saying Iran “shows the contradictory behavior of the White House. Kadipjade said. “The imposition of sanctions sends an unreliable message.”

The sanctions come after Iran announced in November that it was ready to resume indirect talks with the United States to revive a deal that would prevent Tehr from buying nuclear weapons.

The talks focus on sanctions that Washington is prepared to remove in exchange for Tehran’s reintroduction of restrictions on its nuclear program.