December 7, 2022
Prensa Miraflores/EFE

The United States has sent embassy officials to Venezuela to try to oust Maduro from Putin

Government representatives Joe Biden Traveled up Venezuela Meet members this Saturday, the 5th Nicholas Maduro. The move is part of a US strategy to isolate Russia from its allies in Latin America amid the war in Ukraine.

Within the United States, Republican and Democrat politicians see Maduro as a viable supplier of oil to the Kremlin, rather than the Russians in the oil market, if the new sanctions cover it.

This is the first high-level visit by US diplomats to Caracas in years. The United States severed diplomatic ties with Venezuela in 2019 following allegations that Maduro was involved in election fraud.. The administration of President Donald Trump sought to overthrow the Savista regime. Venezuela bans oil embargo, recognizes opposition leader Juan Quito as president.

Maduro responded to the sanctions by moving closer with allies such as China, Iran and especially Russia, with whom state oil company PDVSA closed oil exploration and sales agreements with Rosneft. Three years later, Maduro was in power and Quito lost his relevance. Last year, the opposition agreed to run in the by-elections despite a split.

Washington is seizing the opportunity to thwart Latin American dictatorships, which have begun to view Putin as a weak ally, as the Russian economy has collapsed under sanctions imposed by the European Union and the United States.

On Thursday, Maduro said in a speech that he was ready to renegotiate oil with the United States. “Our oil is available to anyone who wants to buy from Asia, Europe or the United States,” he said in a speech.

Last week, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba both condemned the occupation of Ukraine and did not vote on two UN resolutions calling for a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Chavista said the withdrawal of oil imports was welcomed by Republican members, namely former congressman Scott Taylor, who said he had spoken to Venezuelan businessmen interested in building a bridge between Caracas and Washington. “We must use this opportunity to achieve diplomatic success by pushing Venezuela out of Russia,” he said. / NYT