June 6, 2023
The United States is investigating the deaths of 5 children infected with the mysterious hepatitis

The United States is investigating the deaths of 5 children infected with the mysterious hepatitis

(FILE) Center for Emergency Operations at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia on March 19, 2021.

U.S. health officials announced Friday (6) that they are investigating 109 cases of severe hepatitis in children, five of which have died.

A senior official of the Center for Prevention and Control of Disease Control (CDC) told a news conference that cases of severe hepatitis were being diagnosed in children on average on average in 25 states and territories across the country.

Outside the United States, more than 200 cases have been identified, particularly in Europe, another official said. On Thursday, Argentina and Panama each filed a lawsuit. Already this Friday, the Brazilian Ministry of Health announced that it was monitoring seven suspected diseases, four in Rio de Janeiro and three in Parana.

Because of their young age, most affected children have not yet been vaccinated with the Govit-19 vaccine.

“The Govt-19 vaccine is not the cause of the disease,” said Jay Butler, deputy director of the CDC’s Department of Infectious Diseases, despite rumors circulating on the Internet.

However, this has not been ruled out as a possible cause of Govt-19 infection.

However, the Health Authority offers the potential for the most common type of adenovirus, but the cause of hepatitis in healthy children is not yet known.

It has been confirmed that more than half of all sick children in the United States are tested positive for “type 41” adenovirus.

“Researchers in the country and around the world are working hard to determine the cause,” said Butler.

Cases have occurred in the United States over the past seven months, he said. Of the victims, 14% had to undergo liver transplant surgery.

“We know this news will be of particular concern to parents of young children. It is important to remember that acute hepatitis is rare, ”Butler said.

Overall, 90% of the affected children had to be hospitalized, but most of the children recovered.

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