December 6, 2023
The United States reopens the border on Monday (8) for tourists who have been vaccinated against Covit-19.

The United States reopens the border on Monday (8) for tourists who have been vaccinated against Covit-19.

You United States On Monday (8) Kovit-19 will receive vaccinated international travelers again, allowing visitors from certain countries who have been banned from entering the country for more than 20 months.

As New requirements for air, land and boat arrivals are coming into effect, As the rules are enforced, congestion is likely to occur.

“It’s going to be a little confusing at first, I assure you,” Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian said at a travel market conference in late October. “Unfortunately, there will be queues,” he said.

Many Delta flights arriving on Monday (8) are 100% full and trips for the coming weeks are at a high occupation rate, Delta spokesman Morgan Durant said.

Durant said the company has recorded a 450% increase in international bookings in the six weeks since the US was announced to reopen.

According to the New York and New Jersey Port Authority, Newark Liberty and John F. Arrivals of international flights at Kennedy International Airports will increase by 11% on Mondays from the same day in October.

The Ports Authority expects these airports to gradually increase over the next two months, with international traffic reaching approximately 75% in November and December 2019 based on current international times.

It seems to be on the path to a gradual recovery for international aviation. According to data from flight analyst OAG, the number of seats taken on flights from Europe to the United States in December is projected to be 67% by December 2019.

Airlines are still hiring staff and re-operating flights that have been paralyzed due to the epidemic. Complications of staff shortages, exacerbated by compulsory vaccination, are hampering the operations of some carriers.

The Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) and the Traffic Safety Administration (TSA) are also facing pressure to expand their operations ahead of Thanksgiving on November 25 due to the rule that their contractors must be vaccinated.

Longer waiting times are expected by the CBP at busy U.S. land border crossings with Canada and Mexico. In other words, preparation and patience are required for international travelers who wish to enter the United States.

See what travelers can expect and prepare for:

When coming to the United States

While some state and local restrictions still apply, the United States remains wide open.

For example, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon and Washington have rules for the use of mandatory masks. Masks are required in enclosed public spaces in Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

In some cities, including New York and San Francisco, there are vaccine requirements for closed public spaces, including restaurants.

Hawaii, which had some stringent entry requirements in the United States, will now incorporate itself into the new federal rules for international air travel. Although capacity restrictions have been relaxed in the state, there are still some limitations.

New York, Miami and Los Angeles can see some significant flows of international visitors. These are just a few of the highlights of the Hopper Travel App for overseas travelers this holiday season.

These locations cater to the needs of Trailfinders customers in the UK, where the US is again the best destination for travel companies.

Nicki Davis, public relations director for Trailfinders, said bookings were being made in New York, California and Florida.

Before traveling

Vaccination is a major requirement for most international travelers seeking to enter the United States.

Children under the age of 18 are exempted from the vaccine requirement. All air travel requirements are detailed. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

Passengers must meet CDC requirements “Get the full vaccine”. Paper and digital documents are accepted. Airlines are responsible for collecting and verifying this information from air travelers.

Most Document information Are on the CDC website.

Anna Swing, 28, who lives near Wiesbaden, Germany, has not seen her boyfriend for more than two years. He will fly from Frankfurt to Chicago on Monday, and plans to visit the airport this Sunday to make sure all the new Covid-19 documents he has collected and checked are in order.

Swing US lucky on reopening date. He rescheduled flights from October to November 8 before the deadline was announced, hoping to finally get permission to travel to the US.

“I could not believe it at first, but my boyfriend and I are in Cloud Nine!” She said when the date was finally announced in mid-October. “I can’t wait to board the flight on November 8th!”

For air travel

The Covit-19 test should also be negative for air travelers. Testing is mandatory for all air travelers 2 years of age or older regardless of nationality.

Passengers must hold a negative Covit-19 test taken three days before departure for the United States.

Vaccinated North Americans and the vast majority of vaccinated exempt international travelers must be screened one day prior to departure for the United States.

Many airlines have mobile applications and portals on their websites where vaccine and test information can be processed digitally.

Most Delta customers on international routes to the United States can use this tool to send and verify proof of vaccination directly. Delta Fly Ready.

Mobile Digital Health Pass Verify The airline has confirmed that British Airways works on all flights to the United States.

Printed copies are also a good idea.

“I will make sure to keep paper copies of my passport, vaccination card and principal credit card separately from my wallet. Keep digital copies of them on my phone and send an email to my email account during my phone / purse / backpack / etc. Lost or stolen, ”said Kathleen Bangs, a former flight attendant and spokeswoman for flight surveillance website FlightAware.

“Proof of who you are, your vaccination status and the front and back of your credit card can go a long way in making the dream of losing your documents a reasonable circumstance.”

At land boundaries

The CBP forecasts increased travel volumes and waiting times for land crossings and ferry crossings and encourages passengers to carry identification documents and vaccinations on hand.

The agency encourages travelers to use its CBP One app. According to the CBP, employee levels will remain the same as before the epidemic, but the company will balance several priorities.

“Facilitating trade and travel is a priority,” says one Department of Homeland Security Q&A About the new policy. “However, our primary task is not to compromise on national security.”

Digital and paper documents are accepted as proof of vaccination, and vaccination cards do not have to be in English.

Passengers should be prepared to certify their vaccination status and reason for travel. They should also be prepared to show proof of being fully vaccinated if requested by the CBP officer.

Children under the age of 18 traveling with vaccinated adults are exempt from the need for the vaccine. Covit-19 tests are not required on land and boat docks.

Dave Hirschberger, travel consultant for Prestige Travel in Cincinnati, Ohio, says: “Getting on a plane and going somewhere no longer works. “You have to do your homework.”

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