September 21, 2023
The United States says the moment when Bolsanaro stands united with Russia could not be worse  The world

The United States says the moment when Bolsanaro stands united with Russia could not be worse The world

The United States on Thursday (17) criticized the timing and content of a meeting between President Jair Bolsanaro and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Our engagement with Brazil in relation to Russia, we see a false story between the United States and Russia demanding that Brazil be chosen. That is not the case. Brazil, as an important country, seems to be ignoring the armed occupation of a major power Against a small neighbor, it’s contrary to its historical significance for peace and diplomacy, “a State Department spokesman told TV Globo.

The US government was also angered by President Jair Bolsanaro’s declaration of solidarity with Russia.

“As Russian forces prepare to launch possible attacks on Ukrainian cities, the President of Brazil has expressed his condolences to Russia. Could not have been worse. It undermines international diplomacy aimed at preventing a strategic and humanitarian catastrophe. Demands a peaceful solution to Brazil’s own crisis“, The spokesman said.

This Wednesday (16), Bolzano met with Putin and told the Russian leader: “We are in solidarity with all countries that want and promise peace.” Prior to the meeting, Paulsonaro said Putin was “seeking peace” over the possible US reaction to Russian military operations.

“No (I’m afraid of reaction). Brazil is a sovereign country. Yes, We have been informed that some countries do not want this event (the meeting between Paulsaro and Putin) to take place, The worst can happen with us being here. I understand President Putin reading that he seeks peace. No one in the world is interested in any conflict, “said Bolzano.

At another point, Bolzano reiterated that in his opinion, Putin was seeking peace.

Amid rising tensions in Ukraine since January, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has spoken twice with Brazilian Foreign Minister Carlos Frances.

They discussed Bolsanaro’s visit to Moscow. The Americans warned that the photo of Bolsanaro with Putin could send the wrong message, but the US government did not ask for the trip to be canceled. A few days before the visit, the White House’s national security adviser told TV Globo that “the Brazilian president is free to conduct his own diplomacy, including in Russia.”

The United States has asked the Brazilian president to deliver a policy message to President Putin on the importance of pursuing a diplomatic path, easing tensions in the region and respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and regional integrity.