December 6, 2023
The United States sees the defeat of election deniers in the midterm elections - 11/13/2022 - The World

The United States sees the defeat of election deniers in the midterm elections – 11/13/2022 – The World

Republican candidates are making false allegations of voter fraud The election that lifted Joe Biden to the US presidency two years ago They were defeated in The country is competing for the position of foreign minister – Forming an official, among other things, for organizing the presidential elections locally.

The latest defeat came in Nevada, where forecasts showed Republican Jim Marchant losing to Democrat Cisco Aguilar. Marchant, a former representative of the state, said during the election campaign that if he were elected and secretaries of state of the same opinion, Donald Trump would return to the White House in 2024.

He was the front-runner in the race for the job and said that had he been secretary of state in 2020, he wouldn’t have confirmed Biden’s domestic victory. After his election, Cisco Aguilar said his victory was further evidence that Americans are tired of election denial.

In a similar vein, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Sunday that his party won because voters are tired of the violent political rhetoric of GOP members. We were on the brink of authoritarian rule, but the American people brought us back.”

Other defeats by election deniers were recorded in Arizona and Michigan. In the first, Democrat Adrian Fontes defeated Republican Mark Finchim, who had participated in a January 6, 2021 rally preceding the invasion of the Capitol, the seat of the US legislature, in The biggest attack on the country’s democracy🇧🇷

In Michigan, Democrat Jocelyn Benson was re-elected Secretary of State, defeating denier Christina Karamo. “This is a victory for truth, facts and democracy,” she wrote on social media. “Just as in 2020, democracy prevailed in 2022 against those trying to destabilize it from within.”

On the other hand, Indiana saw the victory of electoral denial, with Republican Diego Morales defeating Democrat Destiny Wells.

In all, 27 vacancies for state ministers were contested in the midterm elections, Last Tuesday’s US midterm elections (8)🇧🇷 The election also renewed 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate, all 435 of the House of Representatives seats, 36 state governors and 30 state attorney general seats.

The position of Secretary of State is of great importance, since in the United States there is no federal authority that determines the rules for elections, as there is in Brazil with the TSE (Supreme Electoral Court). Thus, it is up to the ministers of state to determine the details.

The FEC’s role ends up being limited to checking campaign accounts, with the voting plan set by states – which can vary widely from place to place.