December 5, 2022
The US has launched an investigation into 13 people suspected of spying for China

The US has launched an investigation into 13 people suspected of spying for China

Washington – Oh US Department of Justice Initiated investigation against 13 suspected spies China. The charges were filed in three separate cases this Monday, the 24th, by the US Attorney General. Merrick Garland. He said the targets allegedly harassed Chinese dissidents in the U.S., tried to interfere with the U.S. judicial system, and pressured U.S. citizens to work for them.

Garland said the three cases are signs that the Chinese government has “attempted to interfere with the rights and liberties of people in the United States and to undermine our judicial system that protects those rights.” “The Judiciary will not tolerate attempts by any foreign power to undermine the rule of law on which our democracy is based,” he declared.

Charges have been filed against 7 Chinese who worked in the US to deport dissidents from the US. Four others were accused of recruiting Americans to act on China’s behalf. Two more for trying to interfere in a case against a Chinese company.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland detailed the Justice Department’s allegations of alleged Chinese spies during a press conference. Film this Monday, the 24th, in Washington Photo: Kevin Deitch/AFP

The US did not name the company involved in the operation, but This case is related to the same judicial district of New York Huawei, The United States has previously accused them of stealing and trading confidential intellectual property information.

“In three cases, and apparently thousands, we see the Chinese government threaten established democratic norms and the rule of law, while seeking to undermine American economic security and basic human rights,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray. .

Garland reported the next day President of China Xi Jinping A historic third straight win. US officials blame the Chinese leader for increasing China’s efforts over the past decade to steal US intellectual property and crack down on Chinese political dissidents living in the country.

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Intervention in the justice system

Chinese intelligence officials Wang Zhen and He Guchun were charged with attempted Chinese meddling in the US justice system against Beijing officials. Kuchun, in addition to the interference charge, is also being prosecuted for money laundering.

According to the indictment, they told an American double agent, who they believed had been hired by a government agency, to provide details related to a case against a Chinese company for US$61,000 at current exchange rates. A thousand. ) in Bitcoin.

According to the characteristics provided, Chinese telecommunications company Huawei was accused in 2019 of stealing American technology to avoid sanctions in the United States.

Since January 2019, when Huawei was indicted, the two Chinese agents have “repeatedly tried to interfere in the process” to obtain confidential information about witnesses, evidence gathered for the trial and new allegations against the company.

One of the recruits began “acting as a double agent for the US government” under FBI supervision. From this, the FBI produced false documents, classified as “secret”, which were then handed over to Chinese agents. Guochun paid $41,000 in Bitcoin last year.

Chinese agents admitted to passing on the information obtained to the telecom company, and the latter knew about the spying that continued until 2022.

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The harassment charges against Chinese dissidents allege that seven Chinese nationals tried to force an American resident to return to China. Two were arrested, but five others, allegedly recruited by Chinese intelligence agencies, may be in China.

In a third case, members of Chinese intelligence pose as academics to recruit agents in the United States. /AFP