August 14, 2022
The US investment firm is studying the acquisition of Vasco, which could become SAF

The US investment firm is studying the acquisition of Vasco, which could become SAF

Anonymous has told Bloomberg that it is in talks to buy investment company 777 Partners Vasco. The carioca club, which will play back in Série B in 2022 and accumulate the largest debt in Brazilian football, is still a non-profit association, but the current team is studying to follow the design of the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF). , Following the cases. From Cruzeiro and Botafogo.

777 Partners already owns Genoa, which plays Serie A, and holds minority stakes in Sevilla from Spain. The movement of the company was due to the approval of the SAF Act passed in the second half of last year. A representative of 777, led by co-founders Steven Pascoe and Josh Vander, declined to comment. Vasco, one of the biggest fans in Bloomberg, Brazil, also exemplifies being one of the most indebted football clubs in the country.

Vasco is considering adopting the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) model, but is already interested in investing in 777 Partners. Photo: Raphael Ribeiro / Vasco

A Vasco spokesman said the Brazilian football market would undergo “deep changes” in the coming months and the club had aroused the interest of potential investors. Possible proposals will be analyzed locally. Since December last year, the Vasco Board has announced that it is reviewing the details for adopting the SAF format. The club announced on its social media on Wednesday that it would be promoting the discussion about SAF on its YouTube channel at 10:30 this Friday.

2021 The club had its worst year, with no access to Serie A. The team dreamed of being promoted to the first division, but did not enter the G-4 and only finished in the tenth place. The team still had the second most leaked defense in Serie B. In the current season, the cast promotes a big change.

Bloomberg also cited DaGrosa Capital Partners’ interest in acquiring US-MG, but negotiations that began in the second half of last year have cooled. The parties do not agree on the final terms. The US-MG SAF was recorded in the first week of this year.