December 6, 2023
The US is not interested in a "peaceful exit".

The US is not interested in a “peaceful exit”.

“We are united in our commitment to democracy, individual freedom, human rights and the rule of law (…). We strongly condemn Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. It seriously undermines security and international stability”. These are the words chosen for the official statement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Heads of State and Government participating in the Alliance meeting in Madrid on June 29, 2022.

The full note, published on NATO’s official website, was written by human rights lawyer and University of Illinois professor Francis A. Sounds like farce to attentive ears like Boyle’s. According to him, the war is not between Russia and Ukraine, but between America and Russia. “Joe Biden’s administration has continued this offensive against Russia, with the intention of disrupting local government, with the intention of breaking the country into constituent units,” he says in an interview. Brazilian practice.

Boyle bases his argument on the contracts Russia sent to the US and NATO before launching the first attack against the Ukrainians on February 24, 2022.

“Even in December, [o presidente da Rússia Vladimir] Putin and his team submitted two draft agreements, and I read both. Essentially, what the Russians wanted was a guarantee that Ukraine would not join NATO, something that Biden would have been much easier to offer — but he chose not to, and he continues to push this narrative.

For the professor, everyone should understand that the problem starts with the idea of ​​NATO. “The US government is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. We set up NATO, we control NATO, we are NATO,” he says.

This explains Russian opposition to membership of the organization on its territory and justifies the demand for neutrality.

“But the United States is not interested in a peaceful way, and at this point, nuclear weapons may be part of the expression of this conflict,” Boyle continues.

America’s mission, for the professor, is to destabilize Russia and control Eurasia, because whoever controls that part of the world controls everything else.

The White House, meanwhile, maintains that its developments are purely democratic and that the United States’ mission is to liberate the Ukrainian people. At the same time, however, the Biden administration is showing signs of the opposite China will also be provokedPromoting freedom of movement Taiwan. “This is definitely a message for China, which is a very dangerous situation,” analyzes the professor.

By manipulating European countries and exploiting Ukrainians for its own interests, America is repeating the same formula of good guys to justify its strategies and the lack of peaceful negotiations in this conflict. However, for Boyle, this hero role no longer applies to international narratives, and aims only to reach a domestic audience.

“It’s just propaganda for US domestic opinion. The rest of the world doesn’t believe that nonsense. They’ve seen what the US government has been doing since the Vietnam War, and then all the wars since 9/11, 2001, the wars against Iraq, the support for Israel… so the whole world “If you look at the public opinion polls, the rest of the world doesn’t believe that campaign. It’s a domestic campaign, to get the support of the American people. That’s what Biden is doing.”

While criticizing the American position, Boyle praises the Brazilian position. “Brazil has every right to be neutral in this dispute between Russia and Ukraine, and I think that neutrality is in the full interest of the Brazilian people, given the conditions.”

Editing: Thales Schmidt