June 29, 2022

The US visa issuance and labor shortage are attracting deserving Brazilians

Rodrigo Costa – CEO of AG Settlements. Photo: AG Immigration / Thomas Azoresia

Labor shortages and increases Visa offer We need to attract more qualified Brazilians to work in the United States. “Today, there is a shortage of 11,000 dentists, for example, in To us, According to the American Dental Association. Brazil, meanwhile, has a long history of training these professionals, ”he warns. Rodrigo Costa, Institutional Partner of AG Settlement, Counseling for Interested Immigration. He warns that there are also opportunities for professionals such as doctors, nurses and physiotherapists.

“Ebs” are allowed to take Green card. “They offer all the privileges that an American citizen has,” Costa explains, “except for voting.” Access to the ballot, he added, “only after applying for US citizenship.”

The so-called EB1-A visa is for anyone who can demonstrate exceptional skills in business, the arts or athletics. EB-2 is for those with special abilities. Costa, based in Florida, points out that the number of green cards available is not yet filled by Brazilians “because many of them are unaware that this opportunity to live in the United States is coming through the front door”.

His office work puts together a petition showing the qualities of the visa applicant. “Depending on the profession, you may need to re-evaluate your diploma. Some businesses are privileged because they are global and do not need to be re-evaluated like journalists. Visas are available for the fiscal year from October 2021 to September 2022.

There are also offers of H2B visas and job vacancies for low qualification required businesses. The Biden administration expanded this category with 20,000 new visas. “Lawyers at AG Immigration, immigration officials, have said that when a case is heard, it is now much easier in the pen than it was during the Trump administration.”

Costa also sees the loss of the best Brazilian experts to the most attractive countries, as part of a global event. “People with intelligent minds, talented in their field of operation, will come to the United States and never return to Brazil,” he concludes.