September 24, 2023
The value of the Rare BRL 5 Note is R$2000: See if you have it!

The value of the Rare BRL 5 Note is R$2000: See if you have it!

The rare $5 bill can be up to R$2000; Learn more about currency experts and how much they pay for rare banknotes

Another note is in the crosshairs of rare coin hunters. Droppers – as collectors are called – can pay huge sums to add a rare note to their collections.

The current banknote is from 1994 and has an asterisk in front of the serial number. It is part of a batch of bills distributed to replace misprinted ballot papers. The said banknote is 5 Brazilian Real, and due to its rarity, it can be sold for up to 2000 Brazilian Real.

In the 1990s, only 400,000 copies of $5 and $10 were printed with an asterisk denoting the rare note in question.

Another note that numismatists usually request is the 1 Brazilian real banknote. After it came out of circulation in 2005, these banknotes became increasingly uncommon — and valuable.

Rare R$1 banknotes can be worth up to R$300

The R$1 note in question is part of the series from 0001 to 0072. It is green, with an image of the Republic doll and a hummingbird design on the back. As for the serial number, the code must have the letters “BA” in its registration.

In addition, the banknote must bear the signatures of the two former presidents of the Central Bank of Brazil, Gustavo J.L. Loyola and Pedro S. Malan.

Buying and selling rare coins

It is possible to buy and sell rare banknotes through online platforms, such as OLX and Mercado Livre. To find out the value of a coin, the usual thing is for the owner of the item to make a specialized appraisal, a job that auction houses throughout Brazil do.

Aspects such as preservation status, circulation, and serial number affect the value of the note. Therefore, it is important to know how rare banknotes are before trying to sell them.

The Brazilian Money Association The Swiss National Bank (SNB) advertises auction houses on its website and connects buyers with sellers looking for new parts for their collections. The Swiss National Bank is a non-profit organization established since 1924. Coin lovers can become members of the association by paying a registration fee.

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