January 29, 2023
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The value of this coin can be more than 9 thousand Brazilian reals; See how they exchange

You are Coin collectors They are looking for some rare versions of the model Brazilian Real 1 Currently. Experts report that items can sell for up to 10 thousand Brazilian reals🇧🇷 So, here is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash at the end of the year.

According to numismatists, among the most requested models are coins made during the period when Brazil hosted the 2016 Olympics. central bank He issued thousands of commemorative coins.

However, it is important to highlight that the first coin was created in 2012, which indicates the date the flag was handed over. In addition, there are still coins symbolizing each of the 16 Olympic or Paralympic sports.

R$1 coins can be worth up to R$10,000

Numismatics experts are intensely searching for the 1 Brazilian Real coins created by the Central Bank for the Rio Olympics. Even rarer, however, is the handing over of a flag printed in honor of the 2012 London Olympics.

According to official information, coins made for the 2016 Rio Olympics can cost from R$7,000 to R$10,000.

However, it is important to note that some collectors sell coins for lower values. That’s because the flag delivery coin has 2 million copies, while the other coins have 20 million copies.

A rare coin of 0.25 Brazilian cents can be sold for R$3,000

Contrary to what many imagine, the hobby of collecting banknotes and coins is very common in the world and even in Brazil. Thousands of Brazilian citizens participating in the currency market can pay very high prices to have a certain object in their collection.

These people usually search for rare coins online to make very advantageous offers, as is the case with the 0.25 R$ coin which can be worth up to R$3000. For a coin to be of great value on its own, it must be considered very rare.

In practice, what makes it valuable is a bug on the reverse, which shows the image of the Republic, which actually belongs to the 0.50 R$ coin. However, the common print of the coin will be on the obverse side.

Why do collectors want to buy the coin?

Coins with manufacturing defects are called “mules”. It is extremely rare because it was made due to an error in its coinage. This means that this error does not happen as often, making the item more valuable over time.

In this sense, if you have a copy of this coin, know that it is possible to sell it for a good value even if you are not an expert. One option is through the “Brasil Moedas Leilões” auction house. On the platform, the item can be registered and submitted for evaluation.

You can also search for buyers on the Tenor & Pellizzari website, which works in the same way as the auction portal mentioned above. The Brazilian Numismatic Association can also be found in the browser.

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