December 5, 2022
The value will be 240 BRL for some people

The value will be 240 BRL for some people

according to Federal Savings Bank700 thousand beneficiaries requested from Auxílio Brasil loan assigned to the social programme. Thus, these families were able to reach an average value of R$2,600.

However, since they can commit up to 40% of their benefits, those families who contract payroll using the maximum margin will receive, as of December, R$440.00 from Auxílio Brasil. From January, the maturity amount will decrease to R$ 240.00 until loan to be discharged.

Therefore, everyone with loans until the 31st of this month will begin to be deducted from Auxílio Brasil’s payroll in November. According to Caixa, the net worth of the premiums will be available for consultation on the Auxílio Brasil and Caixa Tem applications from November 8.

Aid to Brazil in the amount of 600 Brazilian riyals

The Auxílio Brasil of R$600.00 was made possible by the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) of Bondez and was one of the Bolsonaro government’s main bets for re-election. Thus, the transfer of the increase of R$ 200.00 began in August and is only valid until December of this year.

In addition, in the 2023 budget, only the amount inflation is expected to correct before the increase, which is R$405.00 per household next year.

Banks that provide payroll

According to the Ministry of Citizenship, 12 Banks Authorized to make Auxílio Brasil shipment available:

  1. Federal Savings Bank
  2. Agibank;
  3. Krevesa Bank
  4. Daycoval Bank
  5. Pan Bank;
  6. zero bank;
  7. Capital Consig Sociedade de attributed to him Live;
  8. financial invoice
  9. Pintos S/A loans;
  10. QI Direct Credit Association;
  11. Sociedade de Crédito Direto S/A value; And the
  12. Zima Finance.

Thus, in Caixa, the shipment of Auxílio Brasil can be repaid in up to two years, in 24 consecutive monthly installments. The amount will be released into Caixa Tem within 2 business days after the credit is approved.

However, if the beneficiary loses his right to Auxílio Brasil while the shipment has not yet been paid in full, the debt remains in his name.

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