The Vics pass formally to the Governors

Les Vics passent officiellement aux Gouverneurs

The Vics will officially become the Governors of Massey-Vanier. The agreement was signed Thursday between the president of the organization Vics hockey excellence, François Carrier, director of the program of Governors, Patrick Bergeron, the president of Hockey Estrie, Gilles de Blois, and the director of the francophone sector of Massey-Vanier, Jean-Luc Pitre.

The young people already with the Vics bantam AAA respite will therefore change from high school if they want to continue their development. The program of the Vics also includes a pee-wee team AAA notes, while a pee-wee team AAA could also see the light of day.

Thus, the two leagues gather under one roof, the hockey League of excellence in Québec, and the réseau du sport étudiant du Québec. All the teams of the Governors will be under the tutelage of Patrick Bergeron.

“It’s been 21 years that we have special programs, said Mr. Bergeron. It was easy for us to accommodate one or two additional teams because the zone is already adapted and the arena is next to it. At the same time, we are also talking about transportation, which has been a big problem for the Vics. At the geographical level, it is well located. I think we had a good cocktail to be able to accommodate the structure and that we can ensure to continue the development of young people. ”

If the student-athletes of the old Vics are not recovered in the upper levels during the second cycle of secondary school, they may continue to evolve on the side of the RSEQ, while remaining in the same versatile.

The Massey-Vanier high school has many special programs. According to Jean-Luc Pitre, two out of three students are in one of these programs.

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