May 28, 2023

The Viih tube shows the body after the birth of the daughter

on your social networks, Viih tube She shares several moments from her routine with her more than 28 million followers and that hasn’t changed with motherhood.

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On April 9, the YouTuber gave birth to her daughter, Lua, as a result of her affair Eliezer It showed the pleasures and bliss of motherhood.

Last Tuesday, May 2, she shared a video to her Instagram Stories, showing her body after giving birth to the little girl.

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“I think it’s very similar to the 15 days video you posted, I don’t think much has changed. I don’t think I’ve lost any more kilos, see? I lost 10 kilos and I haven’t lost any more.

Afterwards, Viih Tube stated that he would not bother to get back to his ideal weight. “I don’t lose anymore. I stopped at 10kg and there is still 14kg to go back to the weight I was carrying. But I have no pretensions or intentions to go back to the weight I was running, because if I start charging myself to get back to the weight, you guys, I’m going crazy. I have to work. I have to take care of my daughter. I have to take care of the house. I have to do a lot of things. I’ve changed a lot in my life. What’s going on now, imagine you still have that in your head? I don’t think about it now “I leave it to God,” she joked.

Viih Tube The body is shown after the birth of the daughter – Image: childbearing / Instagram / @viihtube


On social networks, Eliezer and Feyeh Tube show all the moments as parents on the first lunar flight, for about a month. The couple never fails to show their bad side either.

Last weekend, the little boy had diaper rash, which is very common in newborns. For improvement, Feih and Eli leave the baby without a diaper, make lasers and use homemade recipes, such as cornstarch.

On his Instagram stories, the former BBB showed Loa crying and panting. “It breaks my heart to know that she is in pain,” he said.

Then he stated that the child had calmed down from suckling. “Very hard night, we haven’t slept at all. Feih, poor thing, she’s exhausted because the only thing keeping Lua calm is her chest.”

In conclusion, Eliezer said he felt guilty for being responsible for changing the diapers. Since birth, we use cotton with warm water only, not a wet scarf. Now, instead of lukewarm, we put water at a normal temperature and flood the area with water. We changed the ointment and left her without a nappy for 10 hours. It was very messy. Everything is dirty, all the clothes, all the towels.”

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