July 2, 2022
The villain returns from the dark to end Flavia TV News

The villain returns from the dark to end Flavia TV News

Tucão (Renato Livera) will reappear to change lives Flavia (Valentina Herzag) in a nightmare in The more life, the better!. After escaping from the police, the thief, who even asked a dancer to marry him before being arrested, will make her William Mateus Solano is a hostage and will terrorize the lovebirds at a soap opera at 7 AM Globo.

at Scenes scheduled to air from May 10, an accident will result in the villain being transported to a public hospital for surgery. There he will meet the “Dr. Galactic” face to face, Who will work in a nursing home After his parents banned him.

However, the surgeon will determine that the bad guy’s condition will need more specific care. Despite all that he has suffered at his hands, the doctor will decide to refer him to his clinic.

The scammer will be dealt with and then asked to do so rune (Philippe Aviv) helps him escape from there. but husband Blush Valentina Bandera will have other plans and send his henchmen to finish the rival’s race.

The plan went wrong, and Tucão managed to escape and on top of that he kidnapped Guilherme and Flávia. Obviously, the two of them would panic over the situation, as they were responsible for the bad character’s arrest. He, in turn, will not miss the opportunity to threaten and terrorize the spouses.

Everything will change when Selena’s son (Ana Lucia Tori) tries, once again, to save the life of the executioner. With gratitude, he will release the rich man and his wife and turn all his anger against Ronnie.

The more life, the better! It’s a TV series Written by Mauro Wilson And it will leave the air in May, when it gives way to face and courageby Claudia Soto. The new plot will approach the world of acrobats and It will star Paola Oliveira, Marcelo Cerrado and Tess Araujo.

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