July 21, 2024

“The Voice +”: Thai Versosa is the new backstage presenter of the reality show | 2022

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"The Voice +": Thai Versosa is the new backstage presenter of the reality show |  2022
"The Voice +": Thai Versosa is the new backstage presenter of the reality show |  2022

Make room for the latest presenter The Voice + In 2022: Thais Versusa The Musical Competition team arrives to brighten up – more! – a the second season from the programme. ✨🎤 Actress and presenter joins Andre Marquez responsible for the conflict, and he will be responsible for covering everything that happens behind the scenes of the most beloved plays in Egypt Brazil!

“I am thrilled with the release of ‘The Voice +’, where people over 60 are taking the stage to sing and make their dreams come true. It’s never too late to start. Being a part of it has been very exciting for me,” he said.

The partnership with Andre even comes from other carnivals: the two have been friends for over 20 years and have been together. work outWhere they played an unforgettable game calf feet gel e Carla. So that the characters lived a Case In the story, Marquez took the opportunity to remember his friendship with Versoosa.

Same smile! Thais in Versosa at the time of Malhasau – Photo: Acervo Globo

“I am very happy with the news. I have known Tata for more than 20 years, when we made the Malhação song together, and our characters were flirting. Plus she is married to Teló, whom I had the pleasure of meeting as well.. Tata is hugely talented, and without the slightest bit Doubt, come to the Voice family to add,” the presenter celebrated.

Michel TELO He is the seven-time champion of shape, joining the six seasons he won Original copy From the program and another won it kids, In 2021, this is not the case Does the citizen usually win greetings from Thais in the networks? Casalzao does it like that, right! 👏

Tilo with his wife Ty Versosa and children Melinda and Theodoro – Photo: Instagram / Instagram

Check out the interview with the presenter! ⬇

What does it feel like to return to TV Globo as a presenter of “The Voice +”?

“Going back to TV Globo is so much fun. It’s excitement, it’s my story, it’s a reunion with me, because that’s where I started my career at the age of 12 – at that time it was my life’s dream to be on TV. I feel like I’m going back to TV. Home, To a place full of friendliness, welcome and memories. To be the presenter of “The Voice +” is an honor for me. I always joke that we’re not the same thing. “Oh, you’re the actress and period”…Na right, you can be whatever you want! You can be things Many and I, throughout my career, have pursued this blend of actress and presenter.”

Tello poses with his parents, children and wife, Tais Versosa, on his 40th birthday – Image: Reproduction/Instagram

“My last acting job was in 2016 and since then, I have studied, researched and struggled to get to that place also as a presenter. I created my channel, and started not only presenting but also giving interviews… which gave me an experience. So, being a broadcaster , Back to the station that welcomed me in the first place as an actress, it’s a great gift. It’s a very successful partnership that spans many years. I’m happy with the release of “The Voice +”, where people of this generation rise to the higher stage to sing and fulfill their old dreams. It’s never too late Never to begin. And being a part of it was very exciting for me.”

You are already familiar with the format. But what are your expectations for the debut on “Voice+”?

“Expectations are very high. I think the program is exciting. It is a program for the whole family, for all ages – it is timeless. It is a program that moves, brings the family together in front of the TV to cheer, encourage, move, and in particular, it talks to me a lot.”

Tayes Versosa excited about her debut on ‘The Voice +’ – Image: Reproduction/Instagram

“I think it’s the most beautiful thing to see people realize this dream.” Hey, I never got the chance, I guess I never did, and now it’s my turn, “You know? To be able to live these feelings with each one.”

You share a lot of content about motherhood and children. And “The Voice +” is for more than 60 people. What do you expect from speaking to this age group and sharing your stories with the audience?

“My expectations are bigger and better, and that’s exactly why. I feel like I’ve created a relationship with my audience. I’m sure it would be great to deal with over 60s. More than dealing with the little ones, talking directly to the parents. And in “The Voice +” I got to want To add, to be together, to truly tell stories, to excite…”

Thais Fersoza is an open mother owl – Photo: clone / Instagram

“And always with the same commitment that I have on my channel, on my social networks, to show real life, emotion, feeling that comes from the heart, that goes through. I feel like my return to TV couldn’t be in a good way more special, in such a The exciting program that deals with dreams… It’s so rewarding!”

with artistic direction Criso Eduardo Macedo, the new season of The Voice + The show is scheduled to start on January 30th, on Globo TVIt will be broadcast on Sunday after that Max temperature.

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