The waking dream of a little guy Eastman

Le rêve éveillé d’un p’tit gars d’Eastman

Every time a player of the Montreal canadiens scores a goal, there is a little bit of us in there. The voice behind the famous “And !” that we hear on the airwaves, TVA Sports is none other than Félix Séguin, a guy from the region who has worked hard to make her biggest ambition a reality.

“Do what I do today, it is my ultimate dream. (…) I was as much fascinated by the Canadian than by the tv. I was watching Richard Garneau, and Claude Quenneville, I admired them. I liked to see them describe the parties with elegance and poise, I liked their exclamations… “, confides humbly in the main interested in an interview with The Voice of the East.

As a supporter of the Northern than of the Montreal canadiens during childhood, the relocation of the Québec city team in Colorado has marked a turning point in the life of young Felix. “At that time, the Canadian has taken up all the space. It was my childhood, my adolescence, ” he says. I read everything I could about it, I was trying to remembering it all. “

“When I was 10 years old, I told my parents that this is what I wanted to do in life. Since then, everything I’ve done, all the decisions I have taken, it was to get there, ” says the one whose family is based in Eastman when he was eight years old.

And there arrived, not without some effort. “The important thing is to have a dream. Call it a goal or a mission, the important thing is to continue. Do what you have to do to achieve it, and you will be on the right path, ” he advises.

It is as well as Félix Séguin has continued his college studies in English, to master the language of Shakespeare, and essential in the world of hockey ; he is an expatriate in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region for three years to learn the basics of the profession and, most importantly, it has seized all the opportunities that were offered to him.

Flow of opportunities

In November 1999, when he was in his second year of college, a young Félix Séguin was doing his homework while listening, as it did regularly, the issue of Ron Fournier good Evening sports fans.

Listening only to his courage, the student calls his or her idol while he is on the air. After a brief exchange, Ron Fournier asks him what he wants to do with his life. “I want to make your work “, replied Séguin du tac au tac.

This declaration had not fallen on deaf ears, Fournier, inviting the student to attend the broadcast of a programme, which he even co-hosted the last hour.

“It was a form of stepping stone for me,” recalls Félix Séguin. It was the first time that I tasted at a live show. “

From there, the opportunities were chained to the young man at the turn of the twenty. Ron Fournier recommended that it follow a school training Promédia, where it is brought into contact, through a colleague’s class, with the boss of a radio station in Abitibi and was hired as a descriptor of the matches of the Huskies of Rouyn-Noranda and Borers in Val-d’or.

It was there that he met Frederick Plant, which will recruit to the RDS, where he worked for nine years before being drafted by Louis-Philippe Lemieux on TVA Sports, in 2014.

The first game he covered for the station was also filled with nervousness. “It was the biggest challenge of my life,” he recalls.

Preparation and concentration are now the watchwords which will allow him to do his job well, match after match. “The biggest challenge for a descriptor, it’s to follow the game, which is extremely fast,” he says. I’m trying to boost the game, to make removing and communicate my passion. “

Sometimes, performance most sugarcoated of the team complicate the task. “At this time, we try to talk about the good shots the other team, to make it entertaining anyway. Fortunately, this year, it is fantastic ! “

The feet on the ground

“Life has been good ; it is a contest of circumstances, believes Félix Séguin. When you look at my journey, is that I met the right people at the right time. I am grateful for these people who had confidence in me. “This recognition is reflected in the speech of the father of the family, today 38 years of age, and despite any down-to-earth.

Not knowing if and when the opportunity will cease to smile to her, he savored to the fullest every day that his dream is reality. “I’ve been lucky ; I have earned my life with hockey, he notes. But inside me, I’m still the same little guy passionate about the sport and communications. “

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