November 30, 2023
The Warriors beat the Celtics and could be the NBA champions next Thursday |  NBA

The Warriors beat the Celtics and could be the NBA champions next Thursday | NBA

The Golden State Warriors have proven, once again, that their weapons are beyond Stephen Curry. On Monday night, the team beat the Boston Celtics 104 to 94, in Game Five of the NBA Finals, in San Francisco, and they are one win away from another title. The score is 3-2 in the series. The star finished with only 16 points and no basket in nine attempts from the ocean. Andrew Wiggins grabbed the title at home with 26 points and 13 rebounds.

It’s the first time since November 8, 2018, against the Milwaukee Bucks, that Curry hasn’t held a single pointer out of three. There have been 233 consecutive games including the regular season and playoffs. Nothing lasts forever, but the warriors managed to overcome the average night. They opened 16 points in the first quarter, saw the Celtics kick off the third quarter and turned the score, but recovered in the last quarter. The difference returned to 16 and the Golden State quietly closed the night.

Andrew Wiggins Golden State Warriors NBA – Photo: Kyle Terada USA TODAY Sports

Klay Thompson teamed up with 21 points, 10 in the third quarter. Splash Brother saved 5 out of 3 balls. Gary Payton came off the bench to score 15 points, while Jordan Paul contributed 14, including three in an interval shot at the end of the third quarter. Warriors lacked perimeter, with 9 out of 40 overall (22.5%). They even made 14 mistakes in a row, but the Celtics weren’t far behind. It started with 12 missed attempts and ended with 11 of 32 (34.3%).

But the Boston team’s biggest pain has been the transformations. They committed 18 against 6 warriors. The home team earned 22 points from turnovers against 9 for the Celtics. Jason Tatum finished 27 points and 10 rebounds but incurred 4 losses. His loyal friend, Jaylen Brown, did not exceed 18 points, with 5 of 18 on the field (27.7%), and made 5 turnovers. Marcus Smart scored 20 points through 4 turns. The team could not resist errors and the greater size of the opponent’s match in the paint, with 50 points to 36.

The Celtics have not lost two games in a row since March 28 and March 30, and they are still in the regular season. Now they need to win Game 6 next Thursday in Boston to provoke Game 7 on Sunday again in San Francisco. Otherwise, the Warriors will be champions for the fourth time in six finals in the past eight years. A historic generation that revolutionized basketball and continues to show that it can guarantee victory in many ways. And with other supporters.

Golden State Warriors

splatter bounces help theft stumps field shots three shots free throws
Andrew Wiggins 26 13 two two 1 12/26 0/6 2/3
Klay Thompson 21 3 two two 7/14 5/11 2/2
Stephen Curry 16 3 8 1 7/22 0/9 2/3
Gary Payton II 15th 5 3 6/8 1/3 2/2
Jordan Paul 14 4/8 3/6 3/3
Draymond Green 8 8 6 1 3/6 0/2 2/2

Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors NBA – Photo: Kyle Terada USA TODAY Sports

Boston Celtics

splatter bounces help theft stumps field shots three shots free throws
Jason Tatum 27 10 4 10/20 5/9 2/6
Marcus Smart 20 3 two 7/15 3/6 3/4
Jaylyn Brown 18 9 4 1 5/18 0/5 8/10
Robert Williams 10 8 two 4/5 2/2
Alhorford 9 9 1 3/6 2/3 1/2

crucial stats

Golden State Warriors Boston Celtics
field shots 41/88 (46.6%) 31/75 (41.3%)
three shots 9/40 (22.5%) 11/32 (34.4%)
free throws 13/15 (86.7%) 21/31 (67.7%)
help 23 18
transformations 6 18
Points resulting from transformations 22 9
points in the bottle 50 36
Offensive/Defensive Follow-ups 4/35 8/39
Second Chance Points 7 16
Transfer points 12 8

Scoring chart – Photo: NBA

Period One – Warriors 27 to 16: Golden State started Game 5 with Game 4 over, and took full control of the Celtics. The difference came to 16, with Boston critics underperforming. Tatum scored 6 points in the final and closed the gap. Wiggins scored 7. Curry scored 4. Both teams scored 14-14 in the paint. From the ocean, 0 out of 5 for Celtics and 2 out of 9 for Warriors.

Second Period – Warriors 24 to 23: Wiggins scored 9 points, for a total of 16, and was Golden State’s name in the first half. Curry has 10 points without three points. Warriors hit 3 of 17 from the ocean – Boston missed the first 12 and hit the last three. The team scores 9 independences for 3, which results in Golden State getting 13 points for 2. In the transition game, it goes from 8 to 0 for the home team. Jason Tatum scored 13 points and 8 rebounds in the first half and led the Celtics. He scored from 51 to 39 in the first half.

Andrew Wiggins Golden State Warriors NBA – Photo: Getty Images

Third Quarter – Celtics 35 to 24: The third quarter, which Golden State won the other four games, was completely dominated by Boston. The attack of the visitors caused an avalanche from the ocean, with 5 more baskets in a row, for a total of 8 baskets in a row. On the other hand, the Warriors missed 14 out of three consecutive attempts. In the end, they were able to redeem themselves. Tatum had 9 points, 22 total. Curry didn’t skip 2, 12 in total, with 0 out of 6 from circumference. He scored from 75 to 74 for Golden State.

Fourth Period – Warriors 29 to 20: Golden State started the last quarter with a 10-point streak to zero and never looked back. The Celtics weren’t able to force the same pace in the third period, especially from the ocean, due to the Warriors’ strict watch. The Golden Generation is one win away from its fourth title in six finals in the last eight years.

Game 1 (02/06): Golden State 108 x 120 Boston
Match 2 (06/05): Golden State 107 x 88 Boston
Game 3 (06/08): Boston 116 x 100 Golden State
Game 4 (10/06): Boston 97 x 107 Golden State
Fifth game (06/13): Golden State 104×94 Boston
Match 6 (6/16): Boston vs Golden State, 10pm
Match 7 (6/19): Golden State v Boston at 9 pm (if necessary)