The website Avito starts the automatic delivery of goods in Russia

The most popular Russian classifieds site Avito is going to launch a new service – delivery of goods in the country. This means that the buyer now does not need to worry about how to bring the purchase from Moscow to Novosibirsk or in other cities of the Russian Federation. All these cares on his shoulders cast the thoroughly the new service.

Сайт Avito запускает функцию доставки товаров по РФ

Thanks to the new interregional shipping of goods will now become a reality. To run this option the user portal of the ads is to move a virtual icon when creating ads. So the seller let me know that the delivery of goods is possible through the partners in 650 cities. The purchaser understands that there is a delivery truck icon which will appear in the ad.

The seller will not have to pay for this service. The costs would be borne by the buyer for a small fee, which varies depending on the product category. For example, the delivery of the smartphone from Moscow to St. Petersburg will cost 164 of the ruble. Until the button “delivery” active in the most popular categories of goods. Among them, “Personal effects”, “consumer electronics”, “Hobby and leisure” and “Parts and accessories”. If the seller and the buyer decide the issue of delivery of goods, but now will deal with the portal itself.

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