February 6, 2023

The website features an asteroid impact simulation

Surely after watching some sci-fi movies where the Earth is in great danger of being destroyed, you have wondered what would happen if something like that happened near where you are.

This is certainly one of the sensations this type of film likes to convey, imagining a cataclysmic event on a massive scale anywhere.

To satisfy a certain curiosity about Meteors and asteroidsThere is a website with some emulators and many other functions.

“Neal.fun” is developed by Neal Agarwal, who has “Asteroid Launcher” in his job catalog, which is a kind of simulator that simulates the effect of a rocky object in several scales of size, with various capabilities of location, speed and angle.

Image: reproduction

With these variables, the site offers a range of information and a graphical map showing all simulation results. The data can be intimidating, but as a tool of curiosity, it’s interesting to see the different ways a large-scale impact could affect Earth’s surface.

Among the information, the simulator presents a representation of the crater, showing its causes and effects. In the same way it presents the relationship of the shock wave, with the magnitude of the resulting earthquake, as well as all the other expected consequences of an event of this magnitude.

What is curious is that the simulation can be carried out in any part of the world, because the location map includes all continents and regions.

Asteroid Launcher allows you to recreate situations infinitely and for free, and effect information revolves around the same categories, adding specific information in each area, such as the presence of tsunamis with an effect close to the ocean.

It’s a great tool for educational use in classroom explanations or homework. As is already known, the NASA It has a monitoring program for potential asteroid threats.

Events like this have already happened many times over the course of billions of years on planet Earth, in the same way that nothing prevents a new impact, whatever the magnitude. The application allows the user to play with the odds, but without any fear, they are just the odds within the platform.