“The woods moose” throne in Sutton

«Les bois d’orignal» trône à Sutton

After having co-directed the huge cock symbol of the resort open-air au Diable Vert in Sutton, the sculptor Daniel Haché comes to erect a second work also spectacular.

The artist of Bolton-est has taken over two years to imagine and shape The antlers of moose, a sculpture composed of an elk in pine loyalist roasted, topped with a plume of aluminium being ten feet in width. Due to its lightness and brilliance, it is what first draws the eye when the light of the day hangs on.

The monumental piece, high of over 12 feet, was installed last Thursday with many precautions in a meadow in altitude, not far from the famous cock. For Daniel Hamburger, it is, to this day, his most ambitious work at the technical level.

“Unlike a totem, for example, the moose was a lot of weight to the horizontal. So I had to create a skeleton of metal, hidden in the wood. The shoes are also all in metal “, he explains.

Bolted to a concrete slab, the heavy object should not move one iota, despite the strong winds that sweep the mountain at this height. For the alpine station, The woods moose becomes another piece distinctive that may now appear on the photos of many tourists…

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