February 6, 2023
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The works at Criciúma Astronomical Park are entering the final phase in the municipality

To encourage star contact, stargazing and the study of astronomy in the municipality, the works that will make up the new tourist spot in the area, the Albert Einstein E = mc² Astronomical Park, enter the final stretch in Criciúma. The park to be located in Morro Cechinel is currently in the phase of construction of the observatories, the exterior paving and also the urbanization of its surroundings. The new tourist site in the municipality will be opened in memory of the city, on January 6, 2023.

According to the Secretary of Infrastructure, Planning and Urban Mobility, Tita BelloliAn outdoor observatory under construction will be built with several telescopes inside. The park’s main element, the dome, is also being completed. He explained that we are currently laying the dome, the red part that will cover the planetarium responsible for projecting stars, which will be completed next week.

However, in the final phase, the percentage of construction work for the internal walkways of the park is 60%, and work is also underway on the construction, renovation and conditioning of the accessible bathrooms, as well as the urbanization and all the fences around the park. According to the Minister of Education, Silito CardosoLighting and all technology are also installed.

“The main purpose of the park with all its elements is to provide an explanation of the phenomena associated with the universe to those who frequent it. So, part of the lighting and all immersive technologies such as, for example, transmission videos will show people various astronomical phenomena that contribute to a complete immersion in the world of astronomy.”

Collaboration: Patrick Staub