June 27, 2022
The world passes 5 million deaths from Covid |  Globalism

The world passes 5 million deaths from Covid | Globalism

More than 5 million people died from COVID-19 around the world since the beginning of the epidemic. The mark was reached on Monday (1), 117 days after recording 4 million victims, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

In the past week, deaths rose again by 5% globally, according to the latest report from the World Health Organization. The worst cases are in Europe, where the number of deaths increased by 14% from the previous week, and in Asia with an increase of 13% in the same period..

In Africa, it has fallen by 21%, although the pace of vaccination is very slow and the World Health Organization predicts this Only 5 out of 54 African countries are expected to reach the target Fully vaccinated 40% of its population by the end of the year.

The world has passed 5 million deaths due to Covid-19. The screenshot was taken at 6:00 AM on Monday (1) – Image: Reproduction/jhu.edu

Another worrying factor is the condition of Russia, which – which Daily has broken records of cases and deaths. In Brazil, the situation at the moment is much better than it was when the world had 4 million people died of the disease.

At the time, the country had the worst death rate in the world, which is the status to which Romania belongs today. Today, Brazil ranks 40th in the same ranking, according to Our World in Data website.

The United States still tops the list of countries with the highest number of deaths due to Covid-19, with 745 thousand, Brazil in second place with 607 thousand, and India in third place with 458 thousand, according to Johns Hopkins.

See below how much time passes between every million Covid deaths.

A hospital receives a COVID-19 patient in Sofia, Bulgaria, October 15 Photo: Stoyan Nenov/Reuters

NS The first million deaths It was marked by a first wave in Europe, in March and April 2020, terrifying the world and prompting countries to take strict restrictive measures to limit the spread of the virus.

NS million seconds of casualties by a steady acceleration in the number of first deaths in Europe, driven by the alpha variant, which was initially discovered in United kingdomafter that United States of AmericaWhich led the world to reach a record number of daily deaths at that time.

NS third million The number of deaths was marked by a sharp decline in the number of deaths in both the United States and Europe, following strict restrictions and acceleration of vaccination. At the same time, deaths are already beginning to grow in South America and Asia, starting in March.

I s four million It was marked by the outbreak of the epidemic in South America and Asia, mainly due to Brazil and countries India.

In South America, the gamma variant (or P.1) spread throughout Brazil and then to other countries in the region, causing a wave of cases and deaths, including in countries that were already introducing more advanced vaccines, such as Chile NS Uruguay.

In Asia, the Delta variant devastated India, which experienced a health collapse and a full hospital between April and May and broke all world records for Covid-19 cases and deaths.

Since then, the delta variant has spread around the world and caused a sharp increase in deaths in many countries – from Russia to Indonesia – and also in cases even in countries considered reference in vaccination against Covid-19, such as Israel and the United Kingdom.

But with the advancement of immunization, it is now possible to see a clear difference in these countries: although the number of newly infected people rose again strongly, the number of deaths did not rise at the same rate.

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