February 1, 2023

the world’s best cities to live in in 2023; Watch the top 10!

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Everyone has a dream of living in a city where there are job opportunities, entertainment, nature, and above all, safety, right? And to help achieve this, there are sites that offer ratings for The best cities in the world To live in it, precisely on the basis of the above criteria.

Indeed, collecting this information is not an easy task. However, Resonance Consultancy is one of the companies that offers an annual ranking of the best sites.

Ring ranking of the best cities

Resonance inhabits cities all over the world with populations of more than a million. The ranking takes into account a number of factors, including security and employment rates, as well as the pattern of the cultural landscape and the degree of cultural diversity in the cities.

And so, London, UK, was named the best city to live in in 2022. The site topped categories ranging from the number of new jobs to the strength of the pandemic recovery.

Westminster – London

Moreover, due to factors such as new bike lanes and large new pedestrian zones, Paris ranked second. New York came in third thanks to an increase in the number of tourists and recent investment in public transportation.

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Top 10 cities in the world to live in

Check out the full list below.

  1. London, United Kingdom;
  2. Paris France;
  3. New York – USA;
  4. Tokyo, Japan;
  5. Dubai United Arab Emirates;
  6. Barcelona – Spain
  7. Rome, Italy;
  8. Madrid Spain;
  9. Singapore, Singapore;
  10. Amsterdam – Netherlands.

“Best Honorary City”

Moreover, the resonance site included the “Honorary Best City”. Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, has been lauded for its perseverance during the Russian invasion, as well as its nightlife, culinary scene, and interesting, if complicated, history.

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