February 1, 2023

The “world’s saddest” gorilla has been living in captivity for 30 years in Thailand

Activists and NGOs are fighting to free the animal and return it to its country of origin

Boa Nui, the last gorilla in captivity ThailandHe has lived for more than 30 years in a small space and is considered the “loneliest and saddest gorilla in the world”. The animal lives in a cage in a shopping mall in Bangkok and has no hope of living anywhere else.

Monkey is one of dozens of animals that belong to “Baw Zoo”a private zoo that has been working with supermarkets since 1983. The space keeps species of monkeys, birds, and reptiles in captivity.

boa nui She was taken from Germany to a shopping mall in Thailand when she was a year old and has never lived with other gorillas. The place where he currently lives does not allow direct contact with nature and is surrounded by bars and concrete and glass walls.

Bua Nui, 34, is the last captive gorilla at Bata Zoo

Bua Nui, 34, is the last captive gorilla at Bata Zoo

Photo: Reuters

In the country, Bata Zoo has become known as the “Zoo of Horror” due to reports of animal abuse and Boa Nui’s decrepit face. Despite efforts by animal rights activists to free the gorilla, it is likely that it will spend the rest of its life trapped.

Online, NGOs collected 120,000 signatures to highlight a request to release the animal. One organization sought to negotiate the return of Boa Nui to Germany for a sanctuary, but the zoo management rejected the request.

In a more recent negotiation effort, the Thai Ministry of the Environment offered about R$4.2 million for the animal to be released from captivity, but the Bata Zoo owners did not accept the proposal and stated that it was being well taken care of.

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