February 5, 2023
The world's shortest IQ test contains only 3 questions that defy logic

The world’s shortest IQ test contains only 3 questions that defy logic

This type of Analytics It is a way to test our knowledge, but most of them are full of questions, and therefore long and even somewhat tiring. Which we will see below, for example, is known as the cognitive reflection test. It contains only three questions, but only 17% of people can answer them.

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The proposal may seem simple at first, but it was rejected by 83% of netizens who tried to win it.

Intelligence test stimulates cognitive thinking

It’s part of research developed in 2005 by Shane Frederick of MIT. In that time, the professor has applied the test to more than 3,000 students. He claims that to find the correct answer, you must suppress the wrong solution that will come to your mind.

Check out the three questions:

  1. The racket and ball cost R$1.10 in total. A bat costs $1 more than a ball. What is it worth?
  2. If it takes five machines five minutes to make five cycles, how long will it take 100 machines to make 100 cycles?
  3. In the lake there is a bed of royal water lilies. Every day, the park doubles in size. It takes 48 days for the surface of the water lilies to cover the entire lake. How long will it take them to cover half of it?

The answers that people find but are wrong

The answers below are the most common ones given by test takers, but they are incorrect.

1. 0.10 R$ is the value of the ball;
2. 100 minutes;
3. 24 days.

For the teacher who created the test, only one reflection Quick for one to realize that, for example, the difference between R$1 and R$0.10 is R$0.90, not R$1 as they suggest.

Since this is the main error in the problem, when someone answers that the difference is R$ 0.10, they are wrong.

Check the correct answers below:

1. BRL 0.05;
2. Five minutes.
3. 47 days.