July 20, 2024

Theo discovers Kate’s secret and turns her life into TV news hell

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Theo discovers Kate’s secret and turns her life into TV news hell
Theo discovers Kate’s secret and turns her life into TV news hell

Theo (Emilio Dantas) will destroy Kate’s (Clara Monique) mental health in the following chapters of Vai na Fé. The villain will find out that his ex-lover is dating his son and will be furious. He will begin to blackmail and intimidate her, and the girl will have bad consequences.

In scenes slated to air from Season 3 of the Globo series at seven o’clock, Bruna (Carla Cristina Cardoso) is going to make a dinner at home for Clara (Rejian Alves), Rafa (Caio Manhinte) and Kate. The young woman will be distressed by the whole situation, even more so because Bruna will insist that everyone take pictures and videos together. Clara Moneke’s character fears that Clara will show these recordings to Theo.

Said and done: the scoundrel will see the matter, He will find out that the ex is now Rafa’s girlfriend and he will be furious. From then on, he would begin to intimidate Kate.

The villain pursues the young woman and blackmails her, forcing her to go out with him and find him again. Kate will feel trapped and succumb to manipulation. Theo will also create a dinner at his house and not only will he send Kate to attend, he will insist on getting Jennifer (Bela Campos) to attend the event as well. Sol’s daughter (Sheron Menezes) will understand that her friend has once again become a victim of a kaphagist.

on dinner night, Theo will make Kate’s life hell and bully her More than that, without the other participants realizing the previous relationship between the two. However, the girl will feel very bad and will begin to develop anxiety attacks due to the evil influence of the evil one.

Vai na Fé was ranked 7 p.m. in Globo programming. The novel will be replaced by Fozzie, by Gustavo Reese, which began recording at Estúdios Globo, in Rio de Janeiro and is scheduled for release in August. a The feuilleton will feature Giovanna Cordero and Marina Ruy Barbosa in the main roles of Young Lady and Villain, respectively.

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