June 26, 2022
Quatro agências disputam Burger King nos EUA

There are four agencies competing for the Burger King in the United States – Meio & Mensagem

March 23, 2022 – 6:00 p.m.

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With advertising age information

Four agencies are competing for Burger King’s US advertising account. According to Ad Age, O’Keefe’s Reinhardt & Paul & Fick, Dentz 360i and current account holder David are involved in the controversy along with O’Keefe, another member of the WPP Group.

Oh Burger King began bidding in early February to reassess its advertising partnerships.. No final company in operation has commented on the ad age statement in this regard. Burger King is not talking about competition.

3601 took over Burger King’s social media account in October. Fick defeated Mullenlow in a match for the KFC account in February. O’Keefe has received Reinhart & Paul Certificates of Merit for his work for Taco Bell and Chilli. The agency has worked with Ellie Totti, who was CMO of Burger King, and left the chain last year, along with other brand experts. Paloma Azule, Global Chief Brand Officer, Restaurant Brands InternationalAnd Fernando Machado stepped down as the company’s global CMO in April 2021 to join the Activision blizzard.

According to those close to the company, Burger King’s idea of ​​competing is to reevaluate its approach to marketing, focusing on premiums that have been plentiful in recent years and shifting sales.