July 25, 2024

There are TV series out of the week, fights with Globo and Choro

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There are TV series out of the week, fights with Globo and Choro
There are TV series out of the week, fights with Globo and Choro

Camila Queiroz has had a turbulent week on your account Directing in “Secret Truths 2” without participating in the final chapter recordings. The termination was officially announced by TV Globo last Wednesday (17).

columnist splash Marcel Carvalho found that Camila’s attitudes before the announcement were upset with the cast. The actress missed the final scenes of Series He requested “off” on the day his contract with the station expired.

According to the column, the file She chose the ending because Angel did not satisfy the actress. The decision to kill the model in the plot had caused this Camila Queiroz’s dissatisfaction with the author and Sir Carrasco.

The last scenes of “Secret Truths” will end without the hero’s presence.

Camila Queiroz looks

Camila Queiroz spoke out four times after TV Globo announced her departure. In her first post on social networks, the actress highlighted this ‘I tried to be right, but mental health won out’, without giving details about leaving the station.

In an official statement, she stated that it is Globo’s plans for her to be a part of the third season of “Secret Truths”. Although the, After the actress decided not to stay on the network, the production changed the course of the story..

The contract between the two parties expired in November and was not renewed. Camilla noted that the final chapters of the plot “did not follow what was previously agreed upon,” without confirming that Angel would die.

The artist understands that these recent events demonstrate that the company has tried to punish her exclusively for making a unilateral decision to readjust the form of her contract with TV Globo in the past, a decision that did not come from the company, as it was revealed at the time.”

She also issued a farewell message to the angel. She has played the role of a young model since 2015, when the movie “Secret Truths” was broadcast on TV Globo. She criticized the production again, saying the character “didn’t get the ending it deserved” because they didn’t get it.

Finally, the The actress posted a video of her crying On Thursday (18) he commented on his turbulent departure and took the opportunity to thank fans for the kind messages.

He said, “I’ve never experienced anything like this, such exposure. The times they’ve tried to put my name in controversy and gossip, I’ve always tried to stick to my name. But this time they threw me in here, there’s nothing to do,” he said in content shared on Instagram Stories.

The actress also denied that she invented a certificate not to go to the set In a series of posts on Twitter.

Globo . mode

TV Globo has not commented again on Camila Queiroz’s departure after the official statement was released.

The station explained that it had to extend the recording period, which led to a deadlock in the schedule. “Strict health protocols” against COVID-19 were cited as the reason.

According to Globo’s transcript, “Camila wanted to determine the outcome of Angel’s character” and “requested a solemn commitment that she would be part of a final third season of work, as well as other unacceptable contract requests.”

Support from Klebber Toledo

Camila Queiroz’s husband, Kleber Toledo also spoke when the actress released an official statement explaining the departure.

He commented in the post, “Congratulations for your courage in showing that we are artists, not things. I love you.” The two together present a file reality Blind Marriage on Netflix.

“Secret Facts” cast irritation

columnist splash Marcel Carvalho found that part of the cast questioned Camila Queiroz’s absence from the recordings, stating that “the displacements were done unnecessarily.”

It was also upsetting that Camila did not provide a notice of absence on the earlier scheduled date. Enrollment schedules are made more complicated by the guidelines set by covid-19.

what would happen?

Very upset by the statement issued by TV Globo, Camila Queiroz is seriously inclined to sue the channel for defamation and bullying. The information has also been verified by a columnist at splash Marcel Carvalho.

The artist has begun recording and making hard copies of conversations with network administrators since the annoyance she caused after signing a contract with Netflix while still employed at TV Globo.

Lawyers study the file, as per the information given to the column, in order to open the lawsuit.

Fans considered that Camila’s post after her exit from the series was “indirect”. About stored information about the relationship with the broadcaster.

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