September 28, 2023
These apps can harm your phone;  Delete now!

These apps can harm your phone; Delete now!

Even apps that are highly searched for by their tools and available on platforms can contain some kind of virus that damages your phone and slows it down in some way.

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To reduce the chance of these viruses spreading on your device, prefer apps that are only available on Play Store or Apple Store. When you find them on any website, do not download these apps through their default addresses, unless you are directed to Play Store or iOS Store, which are safe ways to download them.

The virtual security and antivirus company has detected 16 corrupted apps

McAfee, an antivirus for PC, Android And iOS, they discovered through an investigation that 16 apps contain malware, which is the clicker. On October 19, last month, they posted via their blog that the malware was installed by more than 20 million users. It is worth noting that the applications are Android.

Removed apps:

  • high speed camera
  • Busan Bus
  • Instagram Profile Downloader
  • Smart Task Manager
  • EzTip
  • Joycode
  • Quick note
  • Flashlight + (more than one version)
  • K-Dictionary
  • currency converter
  • (com.smh.memocalendar)
  • (com.doublelino.calculate)

Apps have emerged as useful tools for everyday life, such as Coinsdictionary, QR code reader and annotation app, required functions which make users deceived and downloaded in search of facilitation benefits.

What is the conclusion and your way of acting?

The conclusion was that Clicker targeted “unfair advertising revenue and could disrupt the mobile ad ecosystem.” Finally, we stress the importance of antivirus software that can detect threats.