December 3, 2023
These are the 5 most popular app scams of 2022

These are the 5 most popular app scams of 2022

With the expansion of Internet access, scams applied mainly to social networks have grown. In this way, scammers try to steal various information, such as phone number and bank details. To achieve their goals, criminals post suspicious content such as job offers and promotions.

So, check out the 5 popular tricks in 2022:


This scam is implemented by phishing, which directs the person to a fake page of an “official” website. There you can find items for sale that can be purchased by pulling out the Employee Compensation Fund (FGTS). Thus, to terminate the transaction, the victim must provide personal data. Finally, when possessing data, fraudsters can gain access to cashier They managed to get the money back and they managed to get it back.


Criminals send a message via SMS or WhatsApp, in which the person is invited to an alleged part-time job. These scammers pretend to be managers of big companies and offer high salaries. In this way the suspicious link directs the victim to another conversation, where a sum is requested to pay a “course” in preparation for the start of the action.


In this scam, a person receives an unexpected gift, and the criminal who sent the object to the target’s residence claims that he needs to take a photo to “confirm” the receipt, as well as ask for personal data. However, in reality, the fraudster is on the application of a bank and takes this photo to open an account using the biometrics of the victim’s face.


It is very common for Pix scam to happen through WhatsApp clone, where criminals demand money from the victim’s family, friends and acquaintances. Or, the criminal calls or texts the victim disguised as a bank. In this way, the person is required to organize or register the keys of the Pix system. Thus, they can access the victim’s account.

Criminals use famous brands and companies to give the victim “credibility”. This way, they advertise the exclusive freebie through a link. This link, when opened, leads the user to register personal and banking information.

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