These blackheads that irritate the inhabitants of Plainpalais

AménagementLa house district has defined four places to modify. A petition has been submitted to the city Council. It is related to a motion of the Greens.

Ces points noirs qui irritent les habitants de Plainpalais

Rue Micheli-du-Crest geneva.

The inhabitants of Geneva have patience, but it is not necessary to push. They come to file a petition with 314 signatures to the city Council of the City of Geneva that the latest developments in favour of soft mobility are carried out in the district Cluse-Roseraie. The record dates back to 1998.

“Twenty years ago, 39 proposals have been made by a working group, recalled Françoise Dourver, president of the neighborhood home. They have been accepted by the City of the time. An initial balance sheet, drawn up in 2009, showed that most of them have been carried out – the area 30 km/h Cluse-Roseraie, the parc des Chaumettes, etc., But not all. To our eyes, four black points important remain, which are the subject of our petition.”

Street, park and square

Two streets, a square and a park, make up this quartet. In detail, the rue Micheli-du-Crest, “is still a problem at the exit of the school,” notes Françoise Dourver. We want it to become a zone of encounter.”

Nearby, the parc des Chaumettes does not give entire satisfaction: “For the safety of children in the school nearby, we would like to, in particular, that hedges are planted between the park and Lombard street, and that accommodations be made in order to slow cyclists and prevent the bikes from the cross.”

The place Saint-François, however, is currently under construction. The residents want? “Turn this place into area meeting vegetated, which would create a continuity with the park of the Villa Freundler. The sector Cluse-Roseraie lack of green space worthy of the name”, says Françoise Dourver.

Rue Jean-Violette is also shown the finger. The inhabitants wish to have a mail central-vegetated or landscaped in its widest part.

Traffic and density

“These proposals have been discussed in 2016 at a forum led by the Association of transport and environment, on the occasion of the 30 years of our neighborhood home. The sector Cluse-Roseraie is very concentrated and the circulation, in view of the number of employees who come to work, is intense”, note still Françoise Dourver.

Motion referred back to committee

The petition is now linked to a motion filed by the Greens at the end of 2017: “It has just been returned by Committee on planning, specifies the elected ecologist Delphine Wuest. Our goal is to bring the word of the inhabitants of the district, to secure the paths pedestrian and promote the movement of persons with reduced mobility.”


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