November 30, 2023
These documents can help the self-employed to prove income

These documents can help the self-employed to prove income

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Self-employed professionals are skeptical about what they need to do to prove what they are receiving. Whether to finance a car, open a bank account, or any other means that pays the citizen to prove income.

The self-employed professional does not have a business relationship with any company, so he enjoys financial and professional freedom. Moreover, a self-employed person does not play the role of an effective employee, and can even work from a home office.

Proof of income from self-employment

There are several ways for the self-employed to prove their income. Check below the documents you can make proof of:

  • Bank statement: preferably from the last three months;
  • DIRPF: Individual Income Tax Return;
  • DASN MEI: MEI annual billing statement;
  • Garnish: The document that business owners use to prove monthly income;
  • Receipts issued after services are rendered.

How do you make it easy to prove income?

Even when submitting the necessary documents, some self-employed people find it difficult to prove their income. Therefore, there are some tips that can help you in purchasing a product or service. see below.

current account

Opening a current account in a bank is an excellent option for those who find this situation difficult. In it, you will be able to record the flow of money received from your clients, which will be a great proof of income.

positive recording

It is important to keep your positive record up to date. Since it is similar to Serasa Score, it will provide information about your behavior as a consumer. That’s why, the more recent your positive record, the more likely it is Banks Define your consumer profile.


Another key tip for professionals to formalize their business, MEI (Individual Small Entrepreneur) is an excellent choice for that. Through it, the independent business owner will be able to issue invoices and obtain a CNPJ to ensure that the bank account is opened as a business.

Moreover, upon formalization, you will be able to contribute to the INSS (National Institute for Social Security) to ensure the necessary social security benefits of a citizen.

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