October 2, 2022
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These sure tips will make your name pop out of SPC/SERASA

Having an inappropriate name can be a hindrance for many citizens. Thus, having a regular CPF at all times is essential. So, check out some Tips This will definitely help you Leave SPC / Serasa registration.

To start with, the dirty name is a common term we use to refer to people with CPF restrictions – Cadastro Pessoa Física. This usually happens when a person fails to pay their bills or even takes out a loan and is unable to pay it back.

However, it is possible to change this case and clarify the name again in SPC / Serasa. Learn how to get your name out of SPC/SERASA in this article.

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How do I check if my name is dirty?

Currently, there are three main entities that register consumers with dirty names: Serasa, Boa Vista SCPC, and SPC Brasil. Each of them has information from certain companies, and in this sense, the consultation should be carried out in all available channels.


  • fur serasa site;
  • Through the application available for Android and iOS.
  • By phone, call 0800591 1222.

Boa Vista SCPC

  • From the Boa Vista SCPC website;
  • Through the application available for Android and iOS.

SPC Brazil

  • through the SPC Brazil website;
  • Through the application available for Android and iOS.


Consequences of having a dirty name

Here are some of the consequences of getting a sloppy name:

  • Borrowing difficulties
  • Difficulty obtaining any type of financing, whether it is for real estate, cars, or others.
  • Difficulty opening a checking account or getting a new credit card (for those who already have one, banks can prevent overdrafts and cancel the issuance of new checkbooks).

Tips for getting your name out of SPC/SERASA

As mentioned above, the first step should be to check the status of your CPF. Then, the best way is to try to adjust your situation as quickly as possible, since the restrictions associated with the CPF include several types of blocks, such as, for example, the issuance of credit cards and loans from banking institutions.

In this case, this block occurs because each agency checks a citizen’s CPF number to see if they are a good payer, and based on this information issues the credit. The worst can happen, however, as credit ends up being released, but often at very high interest due to the risk of delay or even non-payment. With this in mind, it is best to negotiate good values ​​with the company.

Here are some tips to get your name out of SPC / Serasa

In a practical way, to clear the name and remove restrictions CPF The consumer must repay the outstanding debt that he placed in this case. Repayment can be made by agreement with the company in which you default, or only with direct repayment of the debt.

The best strategy is to try to negotiate starting with the smallest debt that can be paid off most quickly. Thus, the condition of the CPF will gradually improve. When there are terms, negotiate the highest value debt. Be careful not to delay any payments. Otherwise, the agreement will be broken and you will still have the debt in your hands, continuing to write the name in SPC / Serasa.

Debt recipe

First, another way to remove the name from the credit protection agencies’ registry is to wait for the statute of limitations to expire. After closing, no collection can be done, bearing in mind that the term varies according to the type of debt.

In short, the statute of limitations on consumer debt is usually:

  • 3 years: for promissory notes, bills of exchange, real estate rentals, etc.;
  • 5 years: for taxes such as IPTU, IPVA, IR, traffic fines, common consumption bills (water, electricity, telephone) and others.

Finally, once the debt is identified, the debt cannot be collected. In view of this, the consumer can request that his name be excluded from the record of credit entries.

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