January 31, 2023
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These tips will increase your SERASA score and pay off your debts

Attention Brazilians from all over the country! You may already have been under some pressure when it comes to getting credit. Whether it’s financing merchandise, approving a loan or getting a card. The moment of apprehension precedes negotiation with the credit protection system. Such as Pay off your debts And the Increase Serasa Points?

Whether it’s SPC or Serasa, in many cases, having a good score will help you a lot. However, the problem becomes even greater when citizens are in debt. So, look at how to pay off debt and Increase Serasa Points Faster with Essay Contests News.

Paying Debt and Score Increase Serasa: Understand How

First, it should be noted that the score is a measure of how reliable a person is in paying their bills. So if you pay your bills on time, don’t procrastinate, and use your credit a lot, your score will go up. Otherwise, your score will gradually decrease.

To check your score with Serasa, simply access the site, register and login for free.

score levels

For a parameter, see how scores are rated:

  • 0 to 300 – low;
  • 301 to 500 – normal;
  • 501 to 700 – good;
  • 701 to 1000 – very good.

Low scores present several financial obstacles. Low rated services can be rented. However, the interest rates will be higher, the terms will be shorter and the difficulties will be greater.

So, in addition to constantly updating your accounts, there are other ways to improve your score. Updating the Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF) is one of them.

How to Pay Debt and Look Good in Serasa

It is important to remember that having overdue debt can lead to a bad outcome. Therefore, use Serasa’s Feirão Limpa Nome to get quotes and resolve pending issues. If this is not possible, do the following:

  • Contact the collection agent to negotiate friendly installments;
  • Start paying off the smallest debt, and always look forward to paying it off quickly;
  • trade the larger ones until they become more useful;
  • Put your credit cards aside and start saving to pay off more debt as quickly as possible.

So soon you will get out of debt and you will be able to improve your score.

How to increase your CPF points

A good tip is to update the data within the credit protection platform. These companies include: SPCSierra and Boa Vista. This is because some information will eventually change over time. For example, maybe your salary has increased or maybe you have moved to another city.

So please update your information immediately. This helps a lot to improve your score. Another important factor is the creation of an active log.

Collectors provide data to credit protection agencies when consumers are in debt. But data can also generate value as long as bills are paid on time. This happens through an active log, or Cadastro Positivo.

That would be an argument in favor of consumers. While religion can affect your score, Cadastro Positivo can help improve that fact. All you have to do is go to the security agency’s website (SPC, Serasa and Boa Vista) and register. As mentioned above, by registering your information, you can always update your data and Serasa score increase.

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