February 6, 2023
'They say they're cool, but ours was much nicer'

‘They say they’re cool, but ours was much nicer’

Coach Louis van Gaal gave an exclusive interview with ESPN Netherlands This Tuesday (6) in Qatar

He was a team coach Holland🇧🇷 Louis van GaalAn exclusive interview with ESPN Netherlands This Tuesday, in Doha, Qatar, and compare his team Brazilian national team🇧🇷

The coach said he saw part of the Brazil won 4-1 over South Korealast Monday (5), and saw many similarities between Team Tite and “Clockwork Orange”.

“I watched part of the Brazil game yesterday. The truth is that they play the same football as the Dutch national team. They play with a cohesive defense and move very quickly,” he said.

However, Van Gaal was sincere and said he saw injustice in analyzing the performances of Brazil and the Netherlands.

And the experienced captain sees that the media is doing a lot of celebrations for the Brazilian national team, and at the same time they are not aware of what happened. orange was introduced in this world Cup🇧🇷

“The strangest thing I’ve read in the media, from what my friends have shown me, is that they say football in Brazil (against Korea) was ‘fantastic football’, while we did exactly the same thing,” he said.

“We also scored a goal like that (in a quick transfer). Ours was much nicer,” concluded the captain, specifically citing the first goal in 3-1 victory over the United Statesby octaves.

On the play in question, Holland touched the ball from one foot to the other, crossing the entire court and finishing with it Dumfries Nice help to Memphis Depay Open the recording from the first shot.

Van Gaal paid tribute saying “This was a collective goal, a team goal. This is above all in football. It was the best moment of this World Cup.”

“There were 20 passes at high speed. It was a really nice goal!” , He said.

In the quarter-finals of the World Cup, you will face the Netherlands ArgentinaNext Friday at 4 pm (Brasilia time). And Van Gaal couldn’t be more excited about this game.

He concluded, “We are in the quarter-finals, and Argentina is the team that eliminated us on penalties the last time we reached this stage. Therefore, we have a result to settle with them.”