October 3, 2023
Thiago adopts the victim's speech and takes Scooby's sermon · TV news

Thiago adopts the victim’s speech and takes Scooby’s sermon · TV news

Tiago Abravanel At risk of pointing at a wall BBB 22. Fearing the hot seat, Silvio Santos’ grandson complained about the lack of allies in the game and had lectured before. Pedro Scooby. “You’re the one who chose not to protect,” Luana’s ex-husband Beovani said.

In the early hours of Sunday (27), the two brothers met on the dance floor while another party was being held on the reality show on Globo. “No one wants to protect me,” Abravanel said of the past few weeks of confinement.

Scooby disagreed with the opponent and said that he chose to maintain the “good neighborhood” and deal with all classes in the house rather than forming alliances with certain people to escape from the danger zone.

“[Você] he had [proteção], this is the worst. It was me, DG [Douglas Silva] and the Palestinian Authority [Paulo André Camilo]. You’re the one who chose not to protect her, that’s the truth. From the early days, we were just together, glued together. In this way, you were showing that you are our friend, but you want to live in a relationship with everyone,” the surfer complained.

Before ending the chat, Scooby accused the actor and presenter of identifying the locations. “But there are times when I think you have to say: ‘I am here.’ For example, I got up for a few hours and said: ‘No, my team is the DG and PA football team, it’s over,'” the brother added.

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