June 28, 2022
Thiago Scuro sees a danger to clubs with sponsorship and cites the example of Cruzeiro - 10/29/2021

Thiago Scuro sees a danger to clubs with sponsorship and cites the example of Cruzeiro – 10/29/2021

Before your current job before Red Bull Bragantino, CEO of football Thiago Scuro worked in management Sea trip and frustration with his inability to change the way the club operates, which has culminated in the current situation. He regrets that it has reached its current stage and also points to the Minas Gerais club as a negative example of those who currently use sponsorships in Brazilian football, with signings that they would not be able to afford without financial contributions from the business.

In an interview with Mauro Cesar Pereira about the program divided, Act UOL . channelThe manager cites Flamengo as a self-sustaining club model and sees with concern some cases where clubs rely on favouritism, when analyzing how the club could be in the medium and long term.

Flamengo has taken a path of self-sufficiency. Flamengo tends to be healthy for many years. The big risk to sponsorship in our model is continuity. It is standard behavior for clubs under this type of management. [adotam]They compete at a high level, which increases the indebtedness and keeps the indebtedness on the institution’s shoulders. So it’s different, for example, from the Flamengo curve in recent years, where the Flamingo has worked to reduce indebtedness and increase competitiveness,” says Scuro.

“When you have a significant external fund injection contribution – as in some cases – you generate an imbalance, accounting included. Let’s go back to the balance sheet there, are all the numbers in the balance is the balance of the clubs that have 100 loyal sponsors? % Or is there a parallel contribution of money to the club? Does each resource pass within the club or not? Who controls it? What kind of inspection is there? In general terms, I think a lot in this model, if the S/A is created and this investor becomes the actual owner” , Add.

Recalling Cruzeiro’s case, the manager said that for a fan there, immediately, celebrate the result on the field, but the consequences can often be harmful.

“In the short term, the fans are having fun and partying, but in the medium term, for Brazilian clubs, for institutions, it can be dangerous, depending on the behavior of the people at the front. If, for whatever reason, we use the term sponsors, but, if It was for whatever reason, the companies that now contribute money to Atletico MG They decide to leave, the trend is that Atlético-MG is going to have years and years of difficulty balancing itself financially.”

“Cruzeiro is perhaps the concrete example today, a club that used a lot of third-party money in 2014 and 2015, won two Brazilian players, created a very losing operation, accumulated and then over time the club ended up in the current situation, which is bad. For the industry, for Brazilian football, which is a big sign in this situation,” he adds.

Scuro comments on his time at Cruzeiro at the end of 2015, after the Brazilian double championship and the club had already shown signs of financial problems. However, the change towards a healthier management was a challenge that he was unable to achieve.

“In 2013 and 2014, Cruzeiro was a two-time champion and the following season he was fighting not to fall, hence it could be seen that the track was financially difficult for the years to come. One of my professional frustrations was I was unable to convince more people there, on a daily basis. , that the path should be different, was to reduce investments, work more on the base to be able to balance the accounts there,” he says.

“Unfortunately, soon after, Cruzeiro has a new, and more harmful management, which continues, at last, to spend more than it collects, debt, betting only on success, and playing forward. Therefore, even the decision to leave Cruzeiro was a lot for That, because it was not possible to develop a consistent business from the point of view of management in that culture that was established there, and I hope that Cruzeiro can re-organize himself because he is an amazing crowd, one of the biggest brands in Brazilian football, in a big city, but the path is tilted to be too long because of the amount of debt,” he concludes.

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