March 31, 2023
This Ancient Technique Can Improve Your Memory, According to Science - Small Business Big Business

This Ancient Technique Can Improve Your Memory, According to Science – Small Business Big Business

Forgetting a customer’s name or important information can lead to missed opportunities in the business world. In your article about a companyCounselor Justin Pariso says that having a good memory does not necessarily correlate with superior cognitive ability. There are strategies that help us save.

The most common way to improve memory is the topical method, also known as mind palace. [ou palácio da memória]. This ancient Greco-Roman technique can help you improve your memory in ways you never imagined before.

The loci or ‘mind palace’ method is one of the strategies that helps us memorize (Photo: Marisa9/Getty Images)

Once you understand these strategies, Bariso claims that anyone can use them to memorize names, numbers, lectures, or any facts they need to remember.

How does the loci or “mind palace” method work?

In ancient times, Greek and Roman orators would memorize long speeches by building structures in their imaginations. They, according to Pariso, strategically placed each word or idea they needed to remember in a specific place, like a mental palace. This link made it possible to store and retrieve information in detail when needed.

This technique was used by the character Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series. In episodes, Holmes often used loci (Latin for “places”) to easily remember forgotten facts.

According to the researchers, this method can be effective for memory. A 2017 study of participants with no knowledge of memorization methods showed that those who learned the site method remembered 62 out of 72 random words four months after seeing them.

In addition, using MRI scans, the researchers can see that this technology has caused changes in the brain’s network. “They also saw differences in communication patterns that were not present in the untrained participants,” Bariso wrote.

How to use the power of Mind Palace

According to Pariso, the strategy for using the mind-square technique is to place each piece of information in a specific path or familiar place.

For example, suppose you forget during a business meeting that your client’s name is Ryan Smith. One way to avoid this is to use the loci method. “The first thing to remember is your client’s name. Can you imagine your favorite actor, Ryan Reynolds, sitting in the waiting room of your office next to another actor you love, will Smith (“Ryan” and “Smith”), Parisso explains.

Also assume that your client’s office is in Portland, Oregon, but is originally from Dallas. He is also a golf lover. To remember all these details, it is necessary to take a few steps forward in your mental palace.

Now imagine, says Pariso, Ryan cracking jokes about his favorite show called Portland, remembering that his client’s business was in Oregon. Meanwhile, Will Smith wears a beige cowboy hat, which makes it easy to remember he’s from Dallas. And in the corner next to the water fountain, you see a group of putters leaning against the wall.

crazy sound? But the crazier and weirder the mental image, the harder it will be to forget, according to the consultant.

As Joshua Foer’s office of science also noted, the more deeply you share information, the more likely you are to remember it. The vibrant images accompanying Mind-Break Technique give context to those names, numbers, and other annoying details that are easy to forget.

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