February 8, 2023
This could end my career.

This could end my career.


The singer talked about it with Giseilan

Photo: Gshow - Lina at BBB22.
Photo: Gshow – Lina at BBB22.

During dawn on Thursday (30), Lin da Quibrada, the leader of the BBB22 edition, spoke to Giseilan in the leader’s room. At a certain point in the conversation, the topic became even more interesting and the celebrity admitted that she was afraid that some of the photos would “appear” on the Internet.

Jesse revealed that she had already sent a photo without clothes, but since the photos are so old, the teacher is not afraid of media leaks on social media. However, Lina is completely different from her friend and is very afraid of the appearance of some nudes on social networks.

“This could end my career. But I don’t think men will do that [publicar as fotos], of course not? I have always been so nice with galleys! “, he shot Lina, assuming she was worried about her nude. On the other hand, Jesse admitted that she’s not afraid: “If there is a leak, I will ask for my copyright”.

Confined to the BBB, the sisters don’t know that an intimate video of Natália was recently leaked on social networks and the case ended up in court. However, no photos or videos of Jesse or Lena have been leaked on social media.