September 26, 2022
This day of the week is preferred for scams;  Know when to protect yourself

This day of the week is preferred for scams; Know when to protect yourself

In the face of the many crimes committed on the Internet, it seems that it has become easier to understand the pattern behind the actions of fraudsters. Did you know that there is a certain day and time that criminals will prefer to apply blows Online? If she is! Find out what it is and see how to protect yourself so you don’t become a victim.

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Criminals are becoming more willing and daring. that they perfect Practices to deceive more people and diversify the types of cybercrime. And even with a lot of information available, there are still a lot of people who fall into the scam circle that can be avoided with more caution and care.

The work of scammers

The reason why so many Brazilians fall victim to thieves who steal people’s data and money is precisely because they don’t care about the way these individuals act. However, it only takes a little attention to notice the signs that something isn’t quite right in your interaction. In fact, a survey has evaluated the times and days that criminals prefer!

The intent is to help people become more attentive.

The survey is from Konduto, an anti-fraud system for online payments. According to the analyzed data, Monday is the most favorable. And when it comes to online scams, crimes happen more during the day.

This is because they approach people during work hours or in the rush of the first day of the week, because this is when everyone is less attentive and can become easy targets for already programmed tricks.

According to survey data, 17.48% of online fraud attempts were made on Monday, mainly because this is the day many companies choose to make telemarketing calls offering products and services to customers.

This survey also specified The ideal period for crimes to occur, be aware, is between 12:00 and 14:00. About 20% of the hits were recorded in this time period.

Did you realize that this is also lunch time for many? And this is that time of the day when there is more time to solve outstanding issues, such as online shopping and Pay some accounts. So, pay close attention to websites and fake tickets circulating around you.