September 26, 2023

“This happened now”; Bruno Henrique makes a last minute decision in his career and warns Flamengo


The attacker needs to solve the future in Javea

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF
Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

Mengão started the 2023 season with occasional moves in the ball market, mainly concerned with resolving the “loose ends” in his team. In this context, it has been renewed with important pieces, such as Filipe Luís and David Luiz, as well as with Pedro, which is closed until 2027.

However, the absence in the team of Robro Negro is striker Bruno Henrique. Sidelined since June 2022 with multiple ligament injuries, the No. 27 underwent serious knee surgery and his loss affected Robro Negro’s firepower.

However, on Wednesday (25), good news swirled over Ninho do Urubu. Bruno Henrique has progressed a lot in his recovery and is already working in the CT Rubro-Negro park. The player is already doing a simple job with the ball. However, his return is still scheduled for mid-2023.

Bruno Henrique’s contract expires in December this year and the parties are waiting for talks to start. At Rubro-Negro, Bruno Henrique played 186 games, scored 79 goals and provided 45 assists. With the sacred scarf Bruno Henrique has been two-time Libertadores champion, two-time Brazilian champion, two-time Super Cup champion, Copa Brasil champion, three-time state champion and Recopa champion.

Rafael Letao

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