March 26, 2023

This is the woman who has the most beautiful face in the world according to science

In fact, beauty is a very relative thing. In such a diverse world, each one has its own characteristics. However, for science, there are some measures to choose the most beautiful person in the world. For this, several ratio parameters are considered. See below the women elected by The most beautiful face in the world.

Beauty is directly related to the symmetry that the face shows

Sponsored by a British company, a competition for the election of the ideal face of Great Britain was held in 2012. At that time, student Florence Colgate was chosen.

Image: Disclosure.

Currently, Florence still owns the title?

In 2022, Dr. Julian de Silva used new technological techniques and thus decided that the actress Jodie Comer He has the most beautiful face ever.

After all, what scientifically defines a perfect face?

a daily Mail He says that at Colgate’s time, participants couldn’t go in with any kind of makeup. Considered the golden ratio, facial features line up according to symmetry. In the case of Florence Colgate, the value was 1.618.

What else was factored into Colgate’s victory?

British media also noted that the distance between the pupils is half the width of your face from ear to ear. He scored 44%.

According to Carmen Lefebvre, beauty is judged according to symmetry that offer. For her, Florence has all the classic signs of beauty. Her big eyes, high cheekbones, and plump lips make her stand out.

The symmetry should be a very attractive point, she adds, but most people don’t notice it. Especially because many people have very different right and left halves.