February 6, 2023

This is what kills your cell phone battery: run away from “thieves” apps

a prison cell It is present all the time. During the day, we use the device almost constantly. The problem is that the battery does not always keep up with the pace of work. There could only be one reason: some apps causing your phone to drain faster and making charging last less than usual. See any!]

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You are Apps It ends up forcing the smartphone too much, reducing the charge within a few hours. This is always a cause of many complaints among consumers, who are looking for ways to improve device usability and ensure that this staple lasts longer throughout the day.

There is a battery!

The tools that shorten the useful life are the ones that require more effort due to the amount of services provided to the users. They are the apps with heavy audio and video features, lots of ads, and… well, etc. Knowing how to identify battery thieves is one way to start protecting yourself.

The main apps are: Netflix, Google Maps, Spotify, and Facebook. Understand the reasons.

Netflix: It’s a streaming platform, so that’s it consumption Of the mobile phone battery, as well as the memory of the device, is very large. The reason is simple. Many users decide to download via cell phone in order not to miss series and movies. With this, the battery wears out faster.

Google Maps: The app tracks the user’s location to show detailed routes. To ensure accuracy without losing signal, it draws a lot of power from prison cell to work accurately.

Spotify: Those who like to listen to music always use Spotify. It is also possible to download it. To make sure that the songs are played in full, the app also places great demands on your phone.

Facebook: The application has several Resources Interact through sounds, location, video playback, and more. To handle a lot, the social network increases energy consumption.